Chapter 5.28


5.28.010    Power of arrest.

5.28.020    Required notice.

5.28.010 Power of arrest.

The following officers are vested with the authority to arrest any person who violates the following provisions of this code in the manner provided by Section 836.5 of the California Penal Code:

Title of Officer

Provision of Code

Director of building

Chapter 5.08 of Title 5 [STREETS AND SIDEWALKS]

Senior building inspector

Chapter 5.08 of Title 5 [STREETS AND SIDEWALKS]

City manager or designee

Chapter 5.08 of Title 5 [STREETS AND SIDEWALKS]

(Ord. 2276 § 6, 10-12-10; Ord. 1458 § 1, 1-12-81)

5.28.020 Required notice.

No arrests shall be made or citations issued to any occupant or owner of any property within the city of South Gate under the authority of this chapter unless the city of South Gate shall have furnished to said occupant or owner two consecutive ten day written notices mailed to the last known address of the occupant or owner, advising said occupant or owner of the nature of said alleged violations, the requirements to correct said violation, the time within which said violations shall be corrected, the proposed action of the city of South Gate if said corrections are not made, and the maximum penalty which may be imposed if said violations are not corrected.

(Ord. 1458 § 1, 1-12-81)