Chapter 6.44


6.44.010    Temporary toilet or privy required for construction workers.

6.44.020    Inspection.

6.44.010 Temporary toilet or privy required for construction workers.

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to commence or proceed with the erection, construction, alteration, repair, raising, adding to, removal or demolition of any building unless there shall be provided for the use of any person employed or working upon any such building or portion thereof, a sanitary chemical toilet, a water flush toilet connected to a sewer enclosed within a suitable building, or a flyproof dry privy provided with a box of lime.

Exemptions: 1. Where the entire construction is being done by the owner residing on the property with access to his own sanitary facilities within his own dwelling.

2.    Where the entire work for which the permit is issued will be completed within two working days.

Such sanitary facilities provided for the convenience of workmen engaged in the fulfillment of the work for which a permit has been issued shall not be within a dwelling occupied by any family unless the construction, alteration, repair, adding to, or removal is to the interior of the building occupied by the family where the sanitary facilities are located.

(Ord. 833 § 1, 7-11-60)

6.44.020 Inspection.

The building inspector shall not approve the foundation for any building unless and until the aforementioned sanitary facilities required for the use of persons employed or working thereon shall have first been inspected and approved by him.

(Ord. 833 § 2, 7-11-60)