Chapter 6.65


6.65.010    Establishment of street sweeping fund.

6.65.020    Deposit and transfer of moneys.

6.65.030    Street sweeping fees.

6.65.040    Invoicing and collection.

6.65.010 Establishment of street sweeping fund.

The street sweeping fund has been established for the collection of fees and the payment for the reasonable cost of sweeping street and alley rights-of-way in the city of South Gate, and the operations of that fund should continue.

(Ord. 2231 § 1 (part), 6-12-07: Ord. 2014 § 1 (part), 9-10-96)

6.65.020 Deposit and transfer of moneys.

All moneys received by virtue of the imposition of the street sweeping fees are to be placed in the street sweeping fund. The city council has and does in the future reserve the right to make transfers to and from the street sweeping fund for purposes benefitting the street sweeping operation.

(Ord. 2231 § 1 (part), 6-12-07: Ord. 2014 § 1 (part), 9-10-96)

6.65.030 Street sweeping fees.

The city council, by authority of Section 5471 of the Health and Safety Code, may establish fees for street sweeping service to remove refuse in the city of South Gate. Such fees shall be set forth in the South Gate fee resolution.

(Ord. 2231 § 1 (part), 6-12-07: Ord. 2143 § 8-12-03; Ord. 2014 § 1 (part), 9-10-96)

6.65.040 Invoicing and collection.

The levies established for street sweeping operations shall be invoiced and collected in the same manner as the water and/or refuse collection charge now billed within the city of South Gate or in such manner as the city council shall determine.

(Ord. 2231 § 1 (part), 6-12-07: Ord. 2014 § 1 (part), 9-10-96)