Chapter 8.16


8.16.010    Weight restrictions.

8.16.020    Truck routes.

8.16.030    Permits.

8.16.010 Weight restrictions.

Commercial vehicles having a gross vehicle weight in excess of three tons are prohibited from all residential zones within the city in accordance with Sections 515 and 35701 of the Vehicle Code.

(Ord. 1919 § 1 (part), 7-14-92)

8.16.020 Truck routes.

A.    The following street sections are hereby established as truck routes for vehicles that have a maximum gross weight of six thousand pounds or more:

1.    Long Beach Boulevard from the north city limits to the south city limits;

2.    Atlantic Avenue from the north city limits to the south city limits;

3.    Rayo Avenue between Atlantic Avenue and Firestone Boulevard;

4.    Garfield Avenue from the north city limits to Southern Avenue;

5.    Garfield Avenue from Southern Avenue to south city limits, except during the hours between eight p.m. and six a.m. for any commercial vehicle with four or more axles, which has a gross weight limitation rating of twenty thousand pounds or more and regardless of such vehicle’s actual weight;

6.    Firestone Boulevard from the west city limits to the east city limits;

7.    Imperial Highway from the west city limits to the east city limits.

B.    The operator of any commercial vehicle that has a maximum gross weight of six thousand pounds or more shall drive, park, stop, or stand on the routes designated in subsection (A) of this section and none other, except when necessary to traverse another street or streets to a destination for the purpose of loading or unloading, or truck terminal access, but then only by such deviation from the nearest truck route as is reasonably necessary in accordance with Section 35703 of the California Vehicle Code. The provisions of this section shall not apply to passenger buses under the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Commission.

C.    Violation of any provision of this section shall be deemed an infraction and subject to the penalty provisions of the California Vehicle Code concerning weight violation restrictions currently found at Section 42030 of said code.

(Ord. 2299 § 1, 10-23-12: Ord. 1983 § 1, 5-9-95: Ord. 1919 § 1 (part), 7-14-92)

8.16.030 Permits.

A.    The director is authorized to issue permits for variations from the size, weight and load limitations set forth in Division 15 (commencing with Section 35000) of the Vehicle Code. Such authority shall be exercised in accordance with the guidelines and restrictions set forth in Article 6 of Chapter 5 of Division 15 of the Vehicle Code (commencing at Section 35780).

B.    The applicable fee for a permit issued for a vehicle or any combination of vehicles under the provisions of this section shall be established by resolution of the city council.

C.    The director may require such undertaking or security as may be deemed necessary to protect the city’s highways and bridges from damage, or to provide indemnity for any injury or damage resulting from the operation of a permitted vehicle.

(Ord. 1919 § 1 (part), 7-14-92)