Chapter 9.04


9.04.010    Adoption by reference of the California Mechanical Code.

9.04.020    Violations and penalties.

9.04.030    Repealed by Ordinance 2245 § 4, 1-8-08.

9.04.010 Adoption by reference of the California Mechanical Code.

Except as provided herein, the 2016 Edition of the State of California Mechanical Code (California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Part 4) based in the 2015 Uniform Mechanical Code, including any amendments and appendices thereof, as promulgated and published by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, is hereby adopted by reference as though fully set forth herein, and shall constitute and is hereby established as “the Mechanical Code of the City of South Gate” (“mechanical code” herein). A copy of the 2016 Edition of the California Mechanical Code has been deposited in the office of the city clerk and shall at all times be maintained by the city clerk for use and examination by the public.

(Ord. 2332 § 4, 11-22-16: Ord. 2311 § 4, 11-26-13: Ord. 2277 § 4, 11-23-10: Ord. 2245 § 4, 1-8-08: Ord. 2244 § 4 (part), 11-27-07: Ord. 2137 § 5 (part), 4-8-03)

9.04.020 Violations and penalties.

Any person violating any of the provisions of the mechanical code shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and each such person shall be deemed guilty of a separate offense for each and every day, or portion thereof, during which any violation shall be punishable as provided for in Title 1 of this code.

(Ord. 2137 § 5 (part), 4-8-03)