Chapter 9.16


9.16.010    Application and permit.

9.16.020    Conditions.

9.16.030    Application expiration.

9.16.040    Application information.

9.16.050    Application fee.

9.16.060    Planning commission approval.

9.16.070    Permit requirements.

9.16.010 Application and permit.

No permit shall be issued for the moving or relocation of any building or structure into the city of South Gate or from one lot to another lot within the city or from portion of a lot to another location on the same lot without the filing of an application and the payment of an inspection fee with the building official for review and approval, subject to the following provisions:


1.    This chapter shall not apply to a temporary building or structure such as a construction office, storage building, tool or equipment building, scaffolding, or similar building or structure that is for the use of a contractor in constructing work for which a valid permit is in effect. Such building or structure shall be not larger than four hundred square feet in area and shall be removed from the property upon completion or termination of the work for which a permit is issued.

2.    This chapter shall not apply to the transporting of a building or structure through the city to a place outside the city in compliance with the provisions of Chapter 5.16 of the municipal code.

(Ord. 2245 § 13 (part), 1-8-08: Ord. 2244 § 13 (part), 11-27-07)

9.16.020 Conditions.

Any building or structure to be moved into or within the city shall comply with the following conditions:

(a)    The building shall not be more than eight years old (as evidenced by the date of the original issuance of permit by the governing jurisdiction). Proof of building age is to be provided by applicant or owner.

(1)    Subsection (a) of this section shall not apply to any owner-occupant of any parcel of real property within the city of South Gate where the owner-occupant is deprived of possession of said real property by condemnation or threat of condemnation by the city of South Gate or any political subdivision thereof; and

(b)    An investigation of the building shall be made by the building official. Such investigation shall determine that the proposed building relocation can be affected in conformance with the provisions of this chapter and all city building laws without major structural alteration.

(Ord. 2245 § 13 (part), 1-8-08: Ord. 2244 § 13 (part), 11-27-07)

9.16.030 Application expiration.

Relocation application shall be valid for a maximum period of ninety days from the date of issuance. Unless a building permit is obtained for the work described in the relocation application within ninety days from the date of application, a new application and full payment of fees are required as for a new investigation request.

(Ord. 2245 § 13 (part), 1-8-08: Ord. 2244 § 13 (part), 11-27-07)

9.16.040 Application information.

The following information shall be filed at the time the application is made:

(a)    Location and address of the old and new site.

(b)    Plot plan of the new location, including the showing of adjacent lots on all sides of the property and the location of all structures and improvements on said lots.

(c)    Plans and specifications for the proposed improvements at the new location, including landscape treatment.

(d)    Definition of the route of travel for the building to be moved. The time and route shall be subject to the approval of the director of public works, fire chief and police chief.

(e)    A termite inspection report prepared by a legally qualified person.

(f)    Any such additional information as shall be deemed pertinent by the building official.

(Ord. 2245 § 13 (part), 1-8-08: Ord. 2244 § 13 (part), 11-27-07)

9.16.050 Application fee.

(a)    Before any application for a relocation permit is accepted, a fee of one hundred dollars plus ten cents per square foot of building floor area shall be paid by the applicant to the city for the investigation of the condition of the building to be moved and the inspection of the proposed new location.

(b)    When the application includes an accessory building in addition to the main structure, an additional fee of twenty-five dollars plus ten cents per square foot of the building floor area for each accessory building shall be paid.

(c)    No portion of investigation fees, for which an investigation has been made, shall be refundable.

(Ord. 2245 § 13 (part), 1-8-08: Ord. 2244 § 13 (part), 11-27-07)

9.16.060 Planning commission approval.

The applicant for the proposed relocation development shall file an application with the city planning commission. The city planning commission shall thereafter hold a hearing to determine that the relocation development will not have a detrimental effect on the living environment, property values, or adversely affect the area into which the structure is to be moved.

(Ord. 2245 § 13 (part), 1-8-08: Ord. 2244 § 13 (part), 11-27-07)

9.16.070 Permit requirements.

In approving an application for a permit to move a building the building official shall find:

(a)    That its location on the lot does not in any way adversely affect buildings or uses on abutting properties.

(b)    That all provisions of Title 11 (Zoning) of this municipal code are complied with.

(c)    That the building shall comply or be altered to comply with current building, mechanical, electrical and plumbing code requirements.

(d)    Before a building permit may be issued, there shall be required of the applicant the posting of a bond in such an amount as determined by the building official to cover costs of any provisions stated herein. The bond shall also cover the cost involved in cleaning up the vacated site and restoring it to a safe and sightly condition.

(e)    All work authorized by a relocation permit shall be completed and approved within ninety days from date of permit issuance. This time may be extended for good cause by the building official.

(Ord. 2245 § 13 (part), 1-8-08: Ord. 2244 § 13 (part), 11-27-07)