Chapter 9.56


9.56.010    Power of arrest.

9.56.020    Warning permitted.

9.56.010 Power of arrest.

The employees of the city of South Gate whose position classification title is herein-below designated are vested with the authority to arrest any person who violates any provision of this title in the manner provided by Section 836.5 of the California Penal Code:

Title of Officer

City manager

Director of building and safety and designee

Senior building inspector

Building inspection supervisor

Building inspector

Code enforcement officer

(Ord. 1961 § 1, 10-12-93: Ord. 1577 § 1, 8-8-83: Ord. 1548; § 2, 12-13-82: Ord. 1456 § 1, 1-12-81)

9.56.020 Warning permitted.

The enforcement officer may, but is not required to, provide written notice by delivery in person or by first class mail, postage prepaid, advising the party in violation of any provision of this municipal code with notice of such violation, stating the pertinent code section and a designated period of time in which compliance will be required. Nothing in this section shall act as a bar to the criminal prosecution of a code violation where such a warning, allowed by this section, was not given.

(Ord. 1548 § 2, 12-13-82: Ord. 1456 § 1, 1-12-81)