Chapter 13.04


13.04.010    Short title.

13.04.020    General conditions.

13.04.030    Severability.

13.04.010 Short title.

The ordinance codified in Chapters 13.02 through 13.18 shall be known as and may be cited as "the pipeline franchise ordinance." (Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)

13.04.020 General conditions.

Every franchise hereafter granted by the city to lay or construct from time to time and for the period covered by the franchise, to maintain, operate, renew, repair, change the size of, remove or abandon in place pipes and pipelines for the collection, transportation or distribution of oil, gas, gasoline, petroleum, wet gas, hydrocarbon substances, water, waste water, mud, steam and other liquid substances, for any purpose, together with all manholes, valves, appurtenances and service connections necessary or convenient for the operation of pipes or pipelines including poles, conduits, wires, cables and other appurtenances and equipment for telegraph or telephone lines, or both, necessary or convenient for the franchisee’s business, in, under, along or across any and all highways, except as otherwise provided in the ordinance granting the franchise, shall be granted upon and be subject to the rules, regulations, restrictions and terms and conditions of Chapters 13.02 through 13.18, in addition to such of the terms and conditions as are incorporated by reference in Chapters 13.02 through 13.18, and in addition to those rules, regulations, restrictions, terms and conditions set forth in the ordinance granting the franchise.

(Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)

13.04.030 Severability.

If any provision of the franchise or the application of the franchise to any person or circumstance is held invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction or is not in compliance with any requirement of the Public Utilities Commission or any other federal or state agency, the remainder of the franchise, or the application of the franchise to persons or circumstances other than those to which it is held invalid or not in such compliance shall not be affected thereby.

(Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)