Chapter 13.16


13.16.010    Rights granted.

13.16.020    Plan approval.

13.16.030    Condition of approval.

13.16.040    Exception.

13.16.050    Fire hydrants.

13.16.060    Report to city clerk.

13.16.070    Report to director of public works.

13.16.080    Payments.

13.16.010 Rights granted.

The franchisee, granted a franchise for pipelines not subject to Chapter 13.14, shall have the right, during the term of period covered by the franchise and subject to the terms thereof, to make service connections with all property adjoining highways and to furnish and distribute water through the pipes and pipelines for any purpose.

(Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)

13.16.020 Plan approval.

All new pipelines, replacements, and extensions for domestic water service shall be constructed, laid, and designed according to plans approved by the fire chief.

(Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)

13.16.030 Condition of approval.

The fire chief shall approve such plans if the pipelines to be laid, extended or replaced are so designed in conjunction with related facilities, and the location of fire hydrants, to comply with required domestic demands and fire flows indicated by the Board of Fire Underwriters.

(Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)

13.16.040 Exception.

The fire chief may grant an exception to the requirements of Section 13.16.030, where there are practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships in the way of carrying out the district letter of said section, and in the granting of such exception, the spirit of said section will be observed, public safety secured, and substantial justice done.

(Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)

13.16.050 Fire hydrants.

As further consideration for the granting of the franchise, the franchisee agrees that at the request of the fire chief to install at no cost to the city (except a reasonable monthly rental), fire hydrants at such places along the franchisee’s water mains as may be designated by the fire chief.

(Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)

13.16.060 Report to city clerk.

The franchisee of any franchise awarded to a public utility or a mutual water company, subject to the provisions of Section 13.10.020, shall file with the city clerk for each franchise payment period, within sixty days after such period, two copies of a report verified by the oath of the manager, or any responsible officer of the franchisee (except where the franchisee is an individual, in which case the report shall be verified by the oath of the franchisee) showing the total gross receipts of the franchisee for the franchise payment period, received or accrued in connection with the furnishing of the commodity or service arising from the use or operation of the franchise, together with such additional data as is necessary in the opinion of the city clerk to calculate or verify the calculation of the annual payment required by Section 13.10.020 (or the pro rata thereof for the first period if the first period is less than one year) and which payment shall be paid concurrently with the filing of the statement.

In the event the amount paid is incorrect in the judgment of the city council, it may order the payment of such additional sum as it may find thereunder; and if not paid, or if paid under protest, the same may be determined by suit.

(Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)

13.16.070 Report to director of public works.

Within sixty days after the expiration of each franchise report period, the franchisee shall file with the director of public works a report in triplicate, showing the permit number of each permit obtained for the installation of new mains during the immediately preceding franchise report period, together with the length and size of said mains. On this report, the franchisee shall show any change in franchise footage since the last franchise report period, segregating such footage as to new mains laid, old mains removed, old mains abandoned in place, and the footage of mains in territory annexed or incorporated since the last franchise.

In those cases where the annual franchise report under Section 13.16.060 required during the first five years, the report under this section shall, nevertheless, be filed annually as stated above, during the five-year period as well as thereafter.

(Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)

13.16.080 Payments.

The franchisee, during the life of the franchise, shall make annual payments to the city, as provided in Sections 13.10.020 and 13.10.040.

(Ord. 1349 § 1 (part), 9-12-77)