Title 9


I. Offenses By or Against Public Officers and Government (Reserved)

II. Offenses Against the Person (Reserved)

III. Offenses Against Public Decency

9.05    Adult-Oriented Business Permit

9.07    Massage Therapy Regulations

9.09    Social Escorts, Escort Bureaus and Introductory Services Regulations

9.11    Adult Reading Material

IV. Offenses Against Public Peace

9.13    Cannabis Regulations

9.14    Personal Home Cannabis Cultivation

9.16    Loudspeakers, Sound Amplifiers and Lighting Equipment

9.17    Circuses, Carnivals and Amusement Rides

9.18    Peddlers and Solicitors

9.19    Police Services at Disturbances on Public and Private Property

V. Offenses Against Property

9.20    Abatement of Community Safety Violations

VI. Consumer Protection

9.25    Hotel Registrations and Inspections

9.30    Gambling

9.32    Prohibition of Simulated Gambling Devices

VII. Offenses By or Against Minors

9.34    Curfew

VIII. Weapons

9.40    Firearms

9.42    Throwing Stones and Missiles

IX. Miscellaneous

9.50    Sale and Display of Drug Paraphernalia

9.60    Alcoholic Beverages in Public Places

9.61    Social Host Ordinance

9.65    Smoking Restrictions

9.66    Vending Machines – Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products

9.70    Police Dogs

9.72    Aggressive and Unsafe Soliciting