Article 1. Hotel Registration

4-5.101 Register Required.

No person shall provide sleeping accommodations in any hotel, inn or motel unless the person requesting such accommodation shall have signed a register to be maintained by such person. (5300)

4-5.102 Retention of Register.

Such register shall be retained until thirty (30) days after the accommodation shall have been vacated by the registrants. (5301)

4-5.103 Inspection of Register.

Such register shall be available for examination by the Police Department at all times. (5302, as amended by §1, Ord. 1143, eff. August 30, 1972)

4-5.104 Registration of Minors.

Upon registration of any person under eighteen (18) years of age, such registration shall be reported within one hour to the Police Department unless the registrant shall be accompanied by a parent or guardian. (5303, as amended by §1, Ord. 948, eff. January 15, 1969, and by §1, Ord 1143, eff. August 30, 1972)

Article 2. Prostitution

(5320-5322; repealed by Ord. 723, eff. April 17, 1964)