4-8.01 Doors in Sidewalks.

Doors in sidewalks used to cover openings for elevators, stairways or chutes shall be kept in such condition that they will not endanger persons or property. It shall be unlawful for any person owning or being in charge or control of such doors in sidewalks used for covering entrances to elevators, stairways or chutes, or other openings in sidewalks leading to basements, to permit such doors to remain open except when such elevators, stairways or chutes are being used for loading, unloading or transferring merchandise or material.

The provisions of this section shall be in addition to, and not in lieu of, any other regulations of the City pertaining to doors and other openings in sidewalks. (5440)

4-8.02 Obstructions on Streets and Sidewalks; Prohibitions; Permits. Revised 4/23

No vegetation or object other than a vehicle properly using appropriate travel lanes or parking areas shall be placed or permitted to remain either temporarily or permanently upon any public street or public way, including sidewalks, pedestrian paths, bicycle paths, roadways, and roadway shoulders, without the prior approval pursuant to: a permit issued under Chapter 1 of Title 7; sidewalk vending permit issued under Chapter 12 of Title 6; or as authorized by outdoor dining rules under Chapter 13 of Title 6. No goods shall be offered for commercial sale from a public way, except special events, outdoor dining structures and uses authorized under Chapter 13 of Title 6, and newspaper racks as permitted under an encroachment permit issued pursuant to Chapter 1 of Title 7, and sidewalk vendors as permitted under a sidewalk vending permit issued pursuant to Chapter 12 of Title 6. No goods, equipment, furnishings, or the like shall be stored upon a public way, except that construction materials and equipment may be stored adjacent to the construction project for which they are needed provided an encroachment permit is first obtained pursuant to Chapter 1 of Title 7. (5441, as amended by §§1, 2, Ord. 1143, eff. 8/30/72; §4, Ord. 1690, eff. 8/19/88; §2, Ord. 1826, eff. 10/21/93; §3, Ord. 2198, eff. 10/18/19; §5, Ord. 2229, eff. 2/17/23)

4-8.03 Nuisance; Abatement.

Every obstruction placed upon the public ways in violation of this chapter is a public nuisance which may be abated pursuant to the procedures set forth in Chapter 6 of Title 1 of this Code or by any other procedure authorized by law. Every person who maintains or allows the maintenance of an obstruction in violation of this chapter is guilty of an infraction. (§5, Ord. 1690, eff. 8/19/88)