Title 8


8.04    Mobilehome Parks Act

8.12    Solid Waste

8.16    Manure

8.18    Existing Farming Uses

8.20    Model Rockets

8.24    Weed and Rubbish Abatement

8.28    Swimming Pools and Other Bodies of Water

8.32    Noise Control

8.36    Air-blowing Machines

8.40    Skateboard Park

8.44    Smoking Prohibition in Public Parks

8.48    Food Safety Education

8.52    Tobacco Retailer’s Permit

8.56    Limitation on Tobacco Shops and Prohibition of Hookah Bars

*    For statutory provisions requiring cities to take such measures as may be necessary to preserve and protect public health, including the adoption of ordinances, see Health and Saf. Code § 500.