Title 17


17.01    Authority, Purpose and Effect of the Zoning Ordinance

17.02    Establishment of Zoning Districts

17.03    Definitions

17.04    Defense and Indemnification of City

17.05    Exclusive Agriculture (A-E) Zone

17.06    Limited Agricultural (A-L)

17.10    Rural Residential (R-R) District

17.11    Residential Estate (R-E) Zone

17.12    Single-Family Residential (10,000 Square Foot Minimum) Zone (R-1-10)

17.13    Single-Family Residential (8,000 Square Foot Minimum) Zone (R-1-8)

17.14    Single-Family Residential (6,000 Square Foot Minimum Lot) Zone (R-1-6)

17.15    Medium Density Residential (R-2) Zone

17.16    High-Density Residential (R-3) Zone

17.18    Accessory Dwelling Units

17.19    Residential District Specific Standards

17.20    Neighborhood Commercial (C-N) Zone

17.21    Professional Office (C-O) Zone

17.22    Central District (C-D)

17.23    Commercial Retail (C-R) Zone

17.24    Highway Commercial (C-H) Zone

17.25    Service Commercial (C-S) Zone

17.29    Commercial Development Provisions

17.30    Light Industrial (I-L) Zone

17.31    Heavy Industrial (I-H) Zone

17.40    Drilling Island (D-I) District

17.41    Public Facilities (P-F) Zone

17.42    Parks Recreation and Open Space (O-S) Zone

17.43    Specific Plan (S-P) District

17.50    Airport Compatibility (A-A) Combining District

17.51    Design Districts

17.52    Cluster (C-L) Combining District

17.53    Geological Hazard (G-H) Combining District

17.54    Precise Development (P-D) Combining District/Permit Review Guidelines

17.55    Historic Downtown (H-D) Combining District

17.56    Temporary Uses and Events

17.60    Off-Street Parking Standards

17.61    Signs

17.62    Antenna and Telecommunications Facilities

17.63    Traffic Impact Studies

17.64    Williamson Act Regulations

17.65    Cannabis Uses and Cultivation

17.66    Right to Farm

17.67    Oil and Gas Productions

17.68    Mining and Quarrying

17.69    Reasonable Accommodation

17.70    Conditional Use Permits

17.71    Variances

17.72    Zone Modifications

17.73    Interpretations and Miscellaneous Provisions

17.74    Nonconforming Structures, Uses, Lots, and Signs

17.75    Permit Procedures

17.76    Amendments to this Ordinance

17.77    Administration

17.78    Enforcement and Penalties

17.79    Property Maintenance, Code Enforcement and Abatement Procedures

Appendix A    Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance*

*    Code reviser’s note: This ordinance can be found online at http://www.codepublishing.com/