Chapter 5


1-5.01    Impartial analysis and fiscal analysis.

1-5.02    Prohibitions on electioneering.

1-5.01 Impartial analysis and fiscal analysis.

From and after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this section, whenever any local measure qualifies for a place on the ballot pursuant to Chapter 3 of Division 9 of the Elections Code of the State of California (commencing with Section 9200), or pursuant to local ordinance adopted under the authority of Section 1302 of the Charter of the City of Watsonville:

(a)    The City Attorney shall prepare an impartial analysis of the measure describing the measure;

(b)    The City Administrative Services Director may, at the request of either the City Council or the City Manager, prepare a fiscal analysis of the measure describing the fiscal impact on City government;

(c)    The fiscal analysis shall be written in clear and concise terms which will be easily understood by the average voter and shall avoid the use of technical terms wherever possible;

(d)    The City Administrative Services Director, in accordance with this Code, may contract for professional writers, educational specialists, or other persons for assistance in writing a fiscal analysis that fulfills the requirements of this section. The City Administrative Services Director may also request the assistance of any City department, agency, or official in preparing such analysis;

(e)    Both the City Attorney impartial analysis and any fiscal analysis shall be included in the sample ballot materials.

(§ 1, Ord. 1205-06 (CM), eff. December 14, 2006)

1-5.02 Prohibitions on electioneering.

(a)    Notwithstanding subdivision (d) of Section 18370 and subdivision (c) of Section 18541 of the California Elections Code, no person shall do any of the acts set forth in subdivision (a)(1) through (3) of Section 18541 or subdivision (a) through (d) of Section 18370 of the Elections Code within 100 feet of the Rodriguez Street public and vehicular entrances to the Civic Plaza Parking Structure.

(§ 1, Ord. 1247-09 (CM), eff. June 25, 2009)