Chapter 9


6-9.100    Definitions.

6-9.102    Ban on hospitality industry single-use personal care products.

6-9.103    Implementation.

6-9.104    Exemptions.

6-9.100 Definitions.

For the purposes of this chapter, certain words and phrases used are defined as follows:

(a)    “Plastic” refers to any synthetic material made from organic polymers such as polyethylene, PVC, nylon, etc., that can be molded into shape while soft and then set into a rigid or slightly elastic form. Includes all plastics #1-7, as well as any new variants.

(b)    “Personal care products” includes shampoo, conditioner, and other similar products intended for personal use by visitors.

(c)    “Single-use” shall mean designed or intended for a single use or few uses, or not intended for reuse. “Single-use” may be used interchangeably with “disposable.”

(d)    “Small plastic bottles” refers to any plastic bottle containing less than twelve (12) ounces.

(§ 1, Ord. 1390-19 (CM), eff. August 8, 2019)

6-9.102 Ban on hospitality industry single-use personal care products.

(a)    Small plastic bottles of personal care products shall not be provided in hotel or motel rooms, vacation rentals, or other visitor accommodations in the City, except to persons specifically requesting accommodation of a disability or other special need.

(b)    Hospitality businesses serving visitors are required to use bulk dispensers of personal care products to reduce cost, waste, and impact on the environment.

(c)    This provision does not apply to hosted rentals in which the owner lives on the premises.

(§ 1, Ord. 1390-19 (CM), eff. August 8, 2019)

6-9.103 Implementation.

(a)    The ordinance codified in this chapter shall take effect January 1, 2021.

(b)    No less than one (1) year before the ordinance codified in this chapter takes effect, the City shall post, mail or deliver a copy of it to affected businesses within the City limits.

(§ 1, Ord. 1390-19 (CM), eff. August 8, 2019)

6-9.104 Exemptions.

(a)    The Director of Public Works may exempt a retail establishment from the requirements set forth in this section for a one (1) year period upon the retail establishment showing, in writing, that this chapter would create an undue hardship or practical difficulty not generally applicable to other persons in similar circumstances. The decision to grant or deny an exemption shall be in writing, and the Director’s decision shall be final.

(b)    An exemption application shall include all information necessary for the Director of Public Works to make a decision, including but not limited to documentation showing factual support for the claimed exemption.

(c)    The Director of Public Works may approve the exemption application in whole or in part, with or without conditions.

(§ 1, Ord. 1390-19 (CM), eff. August 8, 2019)