Chapter 29.04


29.04.010    Street classifications and standards.

29.04.020    Access management plan.

29.04.010 Street classifications and standards.

All streets have different functions. Some are to serve land uses directly while others are intended to move vehicles quickly and efficiently from one point to another. Ensuring that each street type can meet or maintain its function is crucial to the overall operation of the street system.

Major streets in the Grand Junction urbanized area are classified according to their function in the transportation network. These streets include principal arterials, minor arterials, major collectors, and minor collectors. All others are local streets. The functionally classified streets have been identified on a functional classification map that has been adopted by the City of Grand Junction and accepted by Mesa County.

Reference to the Grand Junction Circulation Plan is made throughout the TEDS manual. Different access controls and design standards apply to different roadway classifications. The purpose is to preserve or enhance safety and traffic flow. The Grand Junction Circulation Plan is also referenced throughout this manual for compliance with the adopted plan.

The City Council and County Commission have adopted standard drawings and details for the construction of streets and location for utilities. These standards include minimum right-of-way and street width requirements, and include construction details for major and local streets. These will be referenced throughout the following document.

The adopted Grand Junction Circulation Plan as well as the street and utility standard drawings are available in various formats including AutoCAD Files on 3.5-inch or CD-ROM disks. These may be purchased at the administrative office of the Department of Public Works and Utilities, City Hall, 250 North Fifth Street, Grand Junction, Colorado, 81501.

(Res. 39-04 (§ 1.0), 4-21-04)

29.04.020 Access management plan.

(Res. 39-04 (§ 1.0), 4-21-04)

Functional Classification Map (PDF)