Chapter 1.10


1.10.010    Title.

1.10.020    Acceptance.

1.10.030    Construction of words.

1.10.040    Interpretations.

1.10.050    Code adopted.

1.10.060    Code available for inspection.

1.10.070    Previous enactments not affected.

1.10.080    Code available for sale.

1.10.010 Title.

Upon adoption by the governing body, this city code is hereby declared to be and shall hereafter constitute the official city code of the city of Gunnison. Any reference made to the number of any chapter contained herein shall be understood to refer to the position of the same under its appropriate title heading, and to the general penalty clause relating thereto, as well as to the chapter itself, when reference is made to this city code by title in any legal document. (Code 1997 § 1-1-1).

1.10.020 Acceptance.

This city code, as hereby presented in printed form, shall hereafter be received without further proof in all courts and in all administrative tribunals of this state as the ordinances of the city of general and permanent effect. (Code 1997 § 1-1-2).

1.10.030 Construction of words.

Whenever any word in any section of this city code importing the plural number is used, in describing or referring to any matters, parties, or persons, any single matter, party, or person shall be deemed to be included, although distributive words may not have been used.

When any subject matter, party or person is referred to in this city code by words importing the singular number only, or the masculine gender, several matters, parties, or persons and females as well as males and bodies corporate shall be deemed to be included; provided, that these rules of construction shall not be applied to any chapter of this city code which contains any express provision excluding such construction where the subject matter or content may be repugnant thereto. (Code 1997 § 1-1-3).

1.10.040 Interpretations.

In the determination of the provisions of each chapter of this code the following rules shall be observed:

A.    Intent to Defraud. Whenever an intent to defraud is required in order to constitute an offense, it shall be sufficient if an intent appears to defraud any person.

B.    Liability of Employers and Agents. When the provisions of any chapter of this city code prohibits the commission of an act, not only the person actually doing the prohibited act or omitting the directed act, but also the employer and all other persons concerned with or in aiding or abetting the said person shall be guilty of the offense described and liable to the penalty set forth. (Code 1997 § 1-1-4).

1.10.050 Code adopted.

Pursuant to part 2 of article 16 of title 31, C.R.S, the “City of Gunnison Municipal Code, 2006” prepared and published under the direction of the city clerk of the city of Gunnison, P.O. Box 239, Gunnison, Colorado 81230, by Code Publishing, Inc., 9410 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115, is hereby adopted by reference. (Ord. 5-2006 § 1; Ord. 3-1997 § 1).

1.10.060 Code available for inspection.

One copy of such code is available for inspection in the office of the city clerk of the city of Gunnison during regular business hours. (Ord. 5-2006 § 2; Ord. 3-1997 § 2).

1.10.070 Previous enactments not affected.

The “City of Gunnison Municipal Code, 2006” is a codification of existing ordinances of general application within the city of Gunnison, Colorado, effective January 1, 2006, and the adoption of the ordinance codified in this section shall neither repeal nor alter ordinances previously enacted by the city council of the city of Gunnison, whether such ordinances are contained within the “City of Gunnison Municipal Code, 2006” or not. (Ord. 5-2006 § 3; Ord. 3-1997 § 4).

1.10.080 Code available for sale.

The city clerk of the city of Gunnison shall cause to be printed and made available for sale to the public, at a price determined by the city clerk to offset the cost of publishing and printing, the “City of Gunnison Municipal Code, 2006.” (Ord. 5-2006 § 4; Ord. 3-1997 § 5).