Chapter 2.10


2.10.010    Council and mayor compensation.

2.10.010 Council and mayor compensation.

A.    Each councilmember of the city shall receive a salary of $625.00 per month, except the mayor, whose salary shall be $750.00 per month, all such salaries to be paid out of the general fund of said city as budgeted, appropriated, and directed by the city council. Council compensation shall be reviewed every two years by the finance director to determine if a cost of living adjustment is appropriate.

B.    Effective Date; Applicability Limited. The compensation increases granted and allowed hereby shall become effective on January 1, 2020, with respect to those officers elected at the coordinated municipal election on November 5, 2019, and thereafter, and also those officers whose terms shall not have expired on said date. (Ord. 11-2019 § 1; Ord. 5-2005 § 1; Ord. 2-1997 § 2; Code 1997 § 2-1-1).