Chapter 8.10


8.10.010    License required.

8.10.020    License fee – Exception.

8.10.030    Bond.

8.10.010 License required.

It shall be unlawful for any person to paint advertising signs, tack cards, tin or board signs, or post any posters or distribute circulars, dodgers, samples or other bills or devices used to advertise patent medicines, patent articles, tobacco, shows, sales or for any other purpose for which advertising signs or circulars are calculated to attract the attention of the public without first having obtained a license from the city to do so. (Code 1997 § 8-1-1).

8.10.020 License fee – Exception.

Any person who posts bills or distributes handbills shall pay a license fee to the city of $10.00 per annum payable semiannually; provided, that it shall not be necessary for any resident, merchant or manufacturer to obtain a license for the purpose of distributing or posting his own advertisements on billboards owned or used by him for that purpose, or for distributing handbills for any charitable purpose; provided further, that it shall be unlawful for any person to distribute any posters or handbills upon any of the streets of the city. (Code 1997 § 8-1-2).

8.10.030 Bond.

No license for bill posting, distributing or advertising shall be issued until the applicant therefor shall have executed bond to the city, with two or more sureties, residents of the city, in the penal sum of $100.00 conditioned that he will in all respects comply with the provisions and requirements of this chapter, such bond to be approved by the manager. (Code 1997 § 8-1-3).