Chapter 8.40


8.40.010    Application fees required.

8.40.020    Review of application.

8.40.030    Alcoholic beverage tastings license.

8.40.010 Application fees required.

Each application for a license or other action filed with the city of Gunnison pursuant to the Colorado Beer Code and Colorado Liquor Code shall be accompanied by an application fee, payable to the city of Gunnison, in addition to any fees due to the state of Colorado, in accordance with the following schedule:

Liquor License Application Fees 

License Fees

New license application


Annual renewal application


Hotel and restaurant (+/- optional premises)


Retail liquor store (malt, vinous and spirituous)




Beer and wine (malt and vinous)


Tavern license (malt, vinous and spirituous)


Club license (malt, vinous and spirituous)


3.2 percent beer




Bed and breakfast


Brew pub


Optional premises


Concurrent review




Mini bar permit


Alcoholic beverage tastings license


Other Fees

Transfer of ownership


Manager registration


Special events permit (liquor)


Special events permit (3.2 percent beer)


Change of location


Corporation/LLCO change (per person) (may be charged for background check investigation by local or state – not both)


Late renewal application


Change of trade name/corporate name


Modification of premises


Expansion (add optional premises – each permit)


Duplicate license


Temporary permit


(Ord. 11-2011 § 1; Ord. 15-2006 § 1; Ord. 3-1999 § 2; Code 1997 § 8-4-1).

8.40.020 Review of application.

The city clerk of the city of Gunnison is hereby specifically delegated the authority to review and approve the following types of procedures pursuant to the Colorado Liquor Code and Colorado Beer Code:

A.    The renewal of an existing license;

B.    The granting of a special events permit;

C.    The registration of a manager;

D.    Changes in corporate structure;

E.    Transfers of ownership;

F.    Granting of a temporary permit;

G.    Changes of trade name or corporate name; and

H.    Alcoholic beverage tastings license.

Upon receipt of an application for any of the foregoing procedures by the city clerk, the city clerk may request from the police department and/or any other city department that may have information concerning the information, a report concerning the matter applied for in the application. It shall be the affirmative duty of the police department to notify the city clerk of any violations that involve establishments holding a liquor or beer license.

If upon review of the application the city clerk determines that the application is complete and that there is no matter raised by the application or any report obtained in connection therewith that should be referred to the city council for decision, the city clerk may administratively approve the application. Whenever, in the sole determination of the city clerk, an application should be referred to the city council for decision, she shall make such referral, in which case the decision shall be made by the city council. (Ord. 15-2006 § 2; Ord. 3-1999 § 1).

8.40.030 Alcoholic beverage tastings license.

A.    Tastings may be conducted by retail liquor store or liquor-licensed drugstore licensee in accordance with this section and pursuant to Section 44-3-301, C.R.S., as the term “tastings” is defined in said Section 44-3-301, C.R.S.

B.    A retail liquor store or liquor-licensed drugstore licensee may conduct tastings only pursuant to a valid alcoholic beverage tastings license.

C.    A retail liquor store or liquor-licensed drugstore licensee who wishes to conduct tastings shall submit an application to the city of Gunnison on forms supplied by the city of Gunnison.

D.    If the applicant demonstrates that it is able to conduct the tastings without violating the provisions of this section or Section 44-3-301(10), C.R.S., the city clerk shall issue such license.

E.    An alcoholic beverage tastings license shall be valid for one year and shall run concurrently with the retail liquor store or liquor-licensed drugstore license of the holder of the alcohol beverage tastings license; provided, however, that the first alcoholic beverage tastings license issued to a retail liquor store or liquor-licensed drugstore licensee shall be valid only until the expiration of the then-current retail liquor store or liquor-licensed drugstore license.

F.    Tastings conducted by the holder of an alcoholic beverage tastings license shall be subject to all the limitations and requirements set forth in Section 44-3-301(10), C.R.S., as amended from time to time, and in addition thereto shall be subject to the following limitations:

1.    A written notice to the city clerk of the city of Gunnison must be provided at least 72 hours before a licensee is allowed to conduct a tasting. The notice shall include the name of the liquor-licensed premises, the person who is submitting the notice, the name of the person conducting the tasting, and shall indicate the date and time the tasting is to take place.

2.    Upon the request of any peace officer or liquor enforcement officer, the holder of an alcoholic beverage tastings license shall provide proof the tastings are to be conducted only by a person who has completed a server training program that meets the standards established by the Liquor Enforcement Division of the Department of Revenue of the state of Colorado and who is either the retail liquor store licensee or a liquor-licensed drugstore licensee, or an employee of such licensee.

3.    Licensee shall keep a written record on the licensed premises for each tasting held by that licensee containing the date and time of the tasting and the name of the server. Such written record shall be available upon request for inspection by any peace officer, the city of Gunnison, or Liquor Enforcement Division Officer. (Ord. 12-2018 § 1; Ord. 15-2006 § 3).