Chapter 9.50


9.50.010    Snow removal from private property.

9.50.020    Application.

9.50.030    Agreement.

9.50.040    Entering upon private property.

9.50.050    Snow removal from public sidewalks.

9.50.060    Violation.

9.50.010 Snow removal from private property.

Snow taken or removed from property, excluding public sidewalks, shall not be deposited in any city right-of-way, city street, alley or roadway, except:

A.    An agreement be first entered into with the city as hereinafter provided; or

B.    Snow removed from property adjacent to city rights-of-way may be placed in an existing center-line windrow established by the city’s public works department. Snow may not interfere with traffic flow, be located within travel ways, or cause the existing windrow to encroach into the established travel lane, or, if applicable, extend beyond the median turn lane.

C.    No debris may be pushed into city rights-of-way in connection with snow removal. (Ord. 5-2018 § 1; Ord. 16-2017 § 1; Code 1997 § 9-5-1).

9.50.020 Application.

Upon written application being made, the city manager may, on behalf of the city, enter into an administrative license agreement with such applicant for the removal of snow from private property. The charge for removal shall be based upon the area of the property to be serviced. Fees will be established annually by council. (Ord. 16-2017 § 2; Code 1997 § 9-5-2).

9.50.030 Agreement.

The agreement shall cover the period from October 1st through May 30th, renewed annually. Agreements entered into after October 1st will be prorated accordingly. (Ord. 16-2017 § 3; Code 1997 § 9-5-3).

9.50.040 Entering upon private property.

No provisions of this chapter, and no agreement executed pursuant hereto, shall impose upon the city any obligation to collect, load, haul, or dispose of any materials or substance other than snow or ice, or to enter upon private property and remove snow therefrom except when snow shall have been deposited upon such private property at the direction of the city manager. (Code 1997 § 9-5-4).

9.50.050 Snow removal from public sidewalks.

The requirements for snow removal from public sidewalks are as set forth in GMC 9.30.110. (Ord. 13-2000 § 3; Code 1997 § 9-5-5).

9.50.060 Violation.

Any violation of GMC 9.50.010 is a misdemeanor. (Ord. 16-2017 § 4).