Section 12.1 Status of Transitional Provisions:

The purpose of this article is to provide for an orderly transition from the present City government to a Home Rule Government under the provisions of this Charter. This article shall constitute a part of this Charter during the transition period.

Section 12.2 Effective Date and Transition Period:

The effective date of this Charter shall be August 1, 1962. During the transition period from August 1, 1962, and the date when the newly elected Council take office on May 20, 1963, following the first election provided for in the Charter (May 14, 1963), the incumbent councilman and Mayor will serve as Councilmen under the provisions of this Charter, carrying on the functions, powers, and duties of their offices, as provided in this Charter.

Section 12.3 Present Council to Continue in Office:

Incumbent Councilmen serving during the transition period will continue at their present salaries, to serve and carry out the functions, powers, and duties of their offices, as provided in this Charter.

Section 12.4 Continuation of Present Boards and Commissions:

All boards and commissions in office at the time of adoption of this Charter shall continue to function with their present powers and duties. The temporary Election Commission required under this Charter shall be appointed within 60 days after adoption of the Charter.

Section 12.5 Continuation of Appointed Officers and Employees:

Except as otherwise provided herein, after the effective date of this Charter, all appointive officers and all employees of the City shall continue in that City office or employment, which corresponds to the City office or employment which they held prior to the effective date of the Charter, as though they had been appointed or employed in the manner provided in this Charter and they shall in all respects be subject to the provisions of this Charter, except that any officer or employee who holds a position which this Charter provides be held at the pleasure of the appointing officer or body, shall hold such position only at such pleasure regardless of the term for which originally appointed.

Section 12.6 Term of Office Abolished:

The term of any elective office not provided by this Charter is hereby abolished as of August 1, 1962.

Section 12.7 First Election Under the Charter:

The first election under this Charter shall be held Tuesday, May 14, 1963, pursuant to Article II of this Charter. The Councilmen elected at such City election shall take office on Monday, May 20, 1963.

Section 12.8 Retirement Plans:

This Charter shall not affect any contractual relationship existing on the effective date of this Charter between the City and any officer or employee by reason of any retirement and pension plans in effect.



The undersigned members of the Gunnison Charter Convention, elected under Article XX, Constitution of the State of Colorado, do hereby certify that the foregoing is the Proposed Charter as finally approved and adopted for submission to the people of the City of Gunnison at a special election to be held July 10, 1962.

Copies of this Proposed Charter will be mailed to every resident of the City of Gunnison carried on the rolls of the City Treasurer, as paying monthly costs of lights, power, water and garbage collection.