2-17 Tourism Advisory Committee

A.    At its first meeting in January, City Council shall appoint a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of nine (9) members to the Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC) for three (3) year staggered terms, along with a non-voting, city council liaison. The committee shall not have an even number of members, not including the council liaison. At all times a quorum for meetings and voting shall be no less than three (3) members.

B.    The TAC is an advisory committee that functions as a recommending body to City Council and the City Administrator. Such committee shall have no authority to enter contracts, authorize expenditures on behalf of the city, or otherwise take any action as a city committee or member beyond the scope of the granted authority.

C.    Members must be residents or owners of a business located within the city. To achieve diversity, the committee be comprised of three members representing the community-at-large members and one member representing each segment of the City of Ouray tourism economy, being:

1.    Lodging.

2.    Outdoor Recreation.

3.    Arts/Culture/History.

4.    Retail.

5.    Restaurants/Bars.

6.    Event Planning/Coordination.

D.    The scope of recommendations to City Council and the City Administrator shall be to:

1.    propose suggested expenditures of those portions of Lodging Occupation Tax dedicated to the Tourism Fund in any given year,

2.    provide recommendations and long-term planning concerning destination marketing, management, and development initiatives designed to attract visitors to the city and then to enhance the experience, and

3.    provide recommendations concerning any other tourism related projects, as directed by City Council.

E.    Members may be removed by City Council for malfeasance, any act in violation of C.R.S. § 24-18-101 et seq., or for substantial failure to attend scheduled meetings.

(Source: Ordinance No. 8, 2021)