3-18 Business Registration

A.    Business Registration

Business registration within the City of Ouray is necessary and it is unlawful to maintain, operate or conduct any business or engage in any activity or occupation within the City of Ouray without registering such business, activity, or occupation. All business registration shall be regulated as a license or permit pursuant to Sections 3-5 and 3-9 of this code.

B.    Application and Issuance

A business registration application and fee must be submitted to the city clerk. The fee shall be set by resolution of City Council, as amended. There shall be no proration of any fees. The fee shall be waived for churches, non-profits, corporations, or other charities, so long as the entity has non-profit status.

C.    Inspection, Proof of Insurance, Posting of License

The business registration shall issue with no requirement for an inspection, proof of insurance or any other documentation. There shall be no requirement that the registration be posted within a business.

D.    Record of Registration

The city clerk shall keep a record of all registrations, setting forth the name of every business, the place of business is located, if any, and the type of business, and contact information.

E.    Renewals

Whenever any application and registration fee are not received on or before May 31st of each year, and the registrant continues to engage in the business or activity for which a registration is required, a penalty of two times the yearly registration fee shall be collected.

(Source: Ordinance No. 9, 2021)