Chapter 17.55


17.55.010    Designated.

17.55.010 Designated.

Nonrefundable fees pertaining to permits and actions required by this title shall be in accord with the schedule of fees, as adopted by resolution by the Board of Supervisors. Said fees shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

A. Major subdivisions.

B. Minor subdivisions.

C. Vacation of plats, street, and other public lands. This fee shall not be administered and collected if the dedication or vacation is processed in the form of a plat and either minor or major subdivision fees are paid in lieu thereof.

D. Recording fees, per a schedule on file in the County Recorder’s office.

A copy of the schedule of fees shall be on file with the Zoning Administrator. [Ord. 39 § 11, 1996. Code 2009 App. B, § 11.]