Chapter 34

Sec. 34-1. Definitions.

When used in this chapter the following words shall have the meaning indicated:

Taxicab or vehicle for hire shall mean any motor vehicle engaged in the business of carrying passengers for hire, having a seating capacity of not more than seven (7) people, but shall not include any vehicle operated by a transportation network company (TNC) driver to provide TNC services, as set forth in Idaho Code Section 49-3703.

State operator’s license shall mean the class of operator’s license required by the state of Idaho for the operation of a motor vehicle used as a taxicab or vehicle for hire. (Ord. No. 4273, § 2, 9-25-00; Ord. No. 4652, § 1, 2-8-16)

Sec. 34-2. Business license, application fee, required.

(a) It shall be unlawful and punishable as provided in section 34-10 of this code for any person to conduct, operate or maintain, or permit to be conducted, operated or maintained, or to participate in the conduct or operation of a taxicab or vehicle for hire within the city unless a valid business license therefor has been issued as herein provided and which is in full force and effect.

(b) Application for such business license shall be made to the city of Lewiston community development department, business licensing division. A fee in accordance with the fee schedule adopted by the city council during the annual budgetary process shall be assessed for each application. The application shall include the name and address of the applicant, and if a partnership, the names and addresses of each partner, and if a corporation or association, the name and address of the operating manager; a list of vehicles to be operated as taxicabs or vehicles for hire, a telephone number, such other information that may be required and shall be on a form and in a manner as may be prescribed by the business licensing division. To determine the suitability of prospective applicants for taxicab drivers or drivers of vehicles for hire, the business licensing office shall require an applicant to provide information and fingerprints necessary to obtain criminal history information from the Idaho State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Pursuant to the authority of Idaho Code, Section 67-3008, and congressional enactment Public Law 92-544, the city shall submit the applicant’s personal information, fingerprints and required fees to appropriate state and federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, if applicable, for a criminal records check of state and national databases. The submission of fingerprints and information required by this section shall be on forms prescribed by the Idaho State Police. The business licensing office is authorized to receive criminal history information from the Idaho State Police and from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the purpose of evaluating the fitness of applicants for taxicab drivers or drivers of vehicles for hire. As required by state and federal law, further dissemination or other use of the criminal history information is prohibited.

(c) No person shall be issued a license to own, lease or maintain a taxicab business if such person:

(1) Is under the age of eighteen (18) years;

(2) Is not the bona fide owner or lessee of vehicles to be used as taxicabs or vehicles for hire;

(3) Has a conviction for any felony involving a crime of a violent or sexual nature. (Ord. No. 4273, § 2, 9-25-00; Ord. No. 4302, § 4, 4-22-02; Ord. No. 4330, § 3, 4-28-03; Ord. No. 4339, § 4, 9-22-03)

Sec. 34-3. State operator’s license required.

It shall be unlawful for any person to drive, operate or have charge of a taxicab unless a valid state operator’s license is held by the operator of the taxicab. (Ord. No. 4273, § 2, 9-25-00)

Sec. 34-4. Display of operator’s license required.

Every operator of a vehicle licensed under the provisions of chapter shall display the appropriate state of Idaho operator’s license for taxicabs and vehicles for hire at all time when driving said vehicle and shall affix the license in a conspicuous place where it shall be in full view of the passengers of the vehicle. (Ord. No. 4273, § 2, 9-25-00)

Sec. 34-5. Insurance.

(a) Each taxicab operating within the city shall be insured under a motor vehicle liability insurance policy, issued by an insurance carrier licensed to do business in the state of Idaho, which provided minimum coverage in the amount of three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000.00).

(b) Every taxicab licensee shall tender to the business licensing division a certificate of insurance for each vehicle being operated as a taxicab and certifying the insurance as provided above. Said certificate of insurance shall name the insured and shall name the city of Lewiston as an additional insured. The failure of any licensee to tender such certificate to the city or to fail to keep said certificate in effect shall be grounds for the revocation or suspension of the taxicab license.

(c) Every taxicab licensee shall immediately notify the business licensing division and cease all operations if and when the licensee’s liability insurance is cancelled, suspended or terminated. (Ord. No. 4273, § 2, 9-25-00)

Sec. 34-6. Vehicle inspection, display.

(a) No taxicab shall be offered for service to the public until such vehicle has been inspected by the city of Lewiston fleet maintenance division or other licensed automotive repair facility and is found to be in acceptable condition. A request for inspection shall be issued to the applicant by the business licensing division and presented to the fleet maintenance division supervisor or private automotive repair facility at the time of the inspection.

(b) The person making the vehicle inspection shall certify:

(1) That all mechanical systems are functioning according to manufacturer’s standards and all federal and state laws;

(2) The exterior is clean and well maintained;

(3) The interior is clean, free of litter; seats and upholstery are clean and free of holes, tears and stains; floorboards are complete and without holes;

(4) Compliance with identification and designated color scheme as provided in section 34-7 of this code;

(5) That there is no condition which would place users of the taxicab or the general public at risk.

(c) After the inspection and if the vehicle is in compliance with the standards set forth above, the vehicle will receive a certificate of inspection compliance. Said certificate shall be displayed in a conspicuous place within the vehicle.

(d) Inspections required hereunder shall be performed prior to issuance of a taxicab license and shall be repeated semiannually thereafter.

(e) The fleet maintenance division shall assess an inspection fee in accordance with the fee schedule adopted by the city council during the annual budgetary process for each inspection performed hereunder. If an inspection results in the need for a reinspection of a vehicle, a reinspection fee shall be assessed in accordance with the fee schedule adopted by the city council during the annual budgetary process for each reinspection performed hereunder. All fees shall be paid prior to the inspection. (Ord. No. 4273, § 2, 9-25-00; Ord. No. 4339, § 4, 9-22-03; Ord. No. 4375, § 1, 11-22-04)

Sec. 34-7. Common scheme, name and number.

Each licensed taxicab operator shall provide taxicabs with a designated color scheme, uniformly painted. The designated scheme shall not conflict with or imitate any color scheme, monogram, name or insignia used by another taxicab company. The body of each taxicab shall have, either painted upon or permanently affixed, the trade name and car number of the taxicab. All lettering shall not be less than two (2) inches in height. Each vehicle shall have the word “TAXI” painted in three (3) inch letters on the doors and truck of each vehicle. Magnetic, removable signs shall not be allowed. An overhead, roof-mounted, illuminated “TAXI” sign is required for each vehicle. If any of the identification markings, including the common color scheme is damaged, the same shall be restored within fourteen (14) days. (Ord. No. 4273, § 2, 9-25-00)

Sec. 34-8. Vehicles licensed in other jurisdictions.

Taxicabs licensed in jurisdictions other than the city of Lewiston may transport passengers from outside the city to a destination inside the city. It shall be unlawful for the owner or operator of any such taxicab to seek or accept passengers within the city. (Ord. No. 4273, § 2, 9-25-00)

Sec. 34-9. Revocation.

Any license or certificate issued hereunder may be revoked, after proper notice to the license or certificate holder for:

(a) A violation of any of the provisions of this chapter;

(b) Operating or permitting the operation of a taxicab without a valid state of Idaho operator’s license. (Ord. No. 4273, § 2, 9-25-00)

Sec. 34-10. Penalty.

Every person violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of a civil infraction and be fined up to one hundred dollars ($100.00) per day. (Ord. No. 4273, § 2, 9-25-00)


Editor’s note – Ord. No. 4002, § 1, adopted June 6, 1991, repealed Ch. 34, pertaining to taxicabs and other vehicles for hire, substantive sections being 34-1, 34-16 – 34-38, 34-43 – 34-51, 34-57 – 34-67, 34-73 – 34-76, 34-87 – 34-93, 34-99 – 34-107, and 34-112 – 34-115, as derived from the 1960 Code §§ 33-1, 33-9.2, 33-9.4 – 33-9.35, 33-9.38 – 33-9.54, 33-10 – 33-12, and 33-15 – 33-22 as well as the following:


No.    Date    Section

2478         1 – 12, 14 – 32    

3178    10-29-73    1, 2    

3332    10-18-76    1

3471    11-20-78    1

3717    12-5-83    1

3808    2-24-86    1

3889    12-7-87    43 – 46, 48, 49, 51 – 53

Sections 2 – 13 enacted new provisions dealing with taxicabs and vehicles for hire, designated as §§ 34-1 – 34-12. Section 14, effective date, has been omitted from codification.

Ord. No. 4273, § 1, adopted Sept. 25, 2000, repealed §§ 34-1 – 34-12 established by Ord. No. 4002 above.

Cross reference – Traffic, Ch. 35.