Chapter 2-100


2-100-010    Creation of office.

2-100-020    Director of human resources duties.

2-100-030    Compensation.

2-100-040    Conflict of interest prohibited.

2-100-010 Creation of office.

There is hereby created the office of director of human resources who shall be appointed by the mayor. (Ord. 3371 § 1, 2019)

2-100-020 Director of human resources duties.

The director of human resources shall perform the duties assigned to him or her by the mayor and the mayor’s administrative officer, including, but not limited to, those duties and authorities provided for herein as follows:

A.    Establish, develop, maintain, and communicate city policies throughout the entire city.

B.    Maintain the official copy of all city employee personnel files.

C.    Handle compensation and salary administration including employee benefits.

D.    Manage administration of employee discipline, employee relations, separations, contracts, and performance reviews.

E.    Develop official documentation, workplace ethics/code of conduct, employee handbooks, hiring plans and recruiting policies, and employee training programs.

F.    Assist department heads with personnel matters including but not limited to hiring, discharge, and discipline. (Ord. 3371 § 2, 2019)

2-100-030 Compensation.

The compensation for the officer established herein shall be fixed from time to time by the mayor in accordance with the law. (Ord. 3371 § 3, 2019)

2-100-040 Conflict of interest prohibited.

The officer shall comply fully with the “conflict of interest” provisions set forth from time to time in the Illinois Municipal Code and the Illinois Corrupt Practices Act (Chapter 102, Section 1 et seq.). The officer shall not violate any common law principles regarding conflict of interest for municipal officers, and he or she shall also not be interested directly or indirectly in any matters requiring decisions or recommendations to be made to the city or any of its commissions, boards, or committees, and specifically including zoning and other legislative decisions, unless expressly exempted by law or by resolution of the city council. (Ord. 3371 § 4, 2019