Chapter 12-12


12-12-010    Begging prohibited.

12-12-020    Solicitor’s permit.

12-12-010 Begging prohibited.

It is unlawful for any person to beg or solicit alms upon the streets or public grounds or to go from door to door begging or soliciting alms; provided, that this chapter shall not be construed to prohibit any solicitor of any organized or incorporated charitable organization from soliciting subscriptions for said charitable institution; provided that such solicitors shall obtain a permit as provided for such purpose in this chapter. (Prior code § 8-3-1)

12-12-020 Solicitor’s permit.

Any agent or solicitor of any organized or incorporated charitable institution shall apply to the council for a permit to solicit subscriptions for such organized or incorporated charitable institution, upon forms to be prescribed for that purpose, which application shall set out the name and principal office of said charitable institution, the particular objects for which it is organized, the names and addresses of its principal officers, and the name and address of the solicitor or solicitors who propose to solicit subscriptions, and two copies of a photograph of such solicitor or collectors, which photograph shall be in size not less than two inches square, and not more than three inches square, and with such application shall be filed two copies of the form of subscription list proposed to be used and two copies of each and every circular or other document to be used in obtaining subscriptions. The clerk shall issue to such applicant a permit, authorizing the solicitor to solicit subscriptions and shall attach one copy of said photograph to such permit. Such permits shall be issued without charge therefor, and may be revoked by the mayor for cause. (Prior code § 8-3-2)