Chapter 15.10


15.10.010    State building rules and regulations.

15.10.010 State building rules and regulations.

(A) Building rules and regulations of the Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission as set out in the following articles of 675 IAC are hereby incorporated by reference in this chapter and shall include later amendments to those articles as the same are published in the Indiana Register or the Indiana Administrative Code with effective dates as fixed therein.

(1) Article 13 – Building Codes.

(a) Fire and Building Safety Standards.

(b) Indiana Building Code.

(c) Indiana Building Code Standards.

(d) Indiana Handicapped Accessibility Code.

(2) Article 14 – One- and Two-Family Dwelling Codes.

(a) Council of American Building Officials One- and Two-Family Dwelling Code.

(b) Council of American Building Officials One- and Two-Family Dwelling Code; Amendments.

(c) Standard for Permanent Installation Of Manufactured Homes.

(3) Article 16 – Plumbing Codes.

(a) Indiana Plumbing Code.

(4) Article 17 – Electrical Codes.

(a) Indiana Electrical Code.

(b) Safety Code for Health Care Facilities.

(5) Article 18 – Mechanical Code.

(a) Indiana Mechanical Code.

(6) Article 19 – Energy Conservation Codes.

(a) Indiana Energy Conservation Code.

(b) Modifications to the Model Energy Code.

(7) Article 20 – Swimming Pool Codes.

(a) Indiana Swimming Pool Code.

(8) Fire Prevention Codes.

(a) Indiana Fire Code.

(9) Boiler Codes.

(a) Indiana Boiler and Pressure Vessel Rules.

(10) Elevator Codes.

(a) Indiana Elevator Code.

(B) Copies of adopted building rules, codes, and standards are on file in the office of the Building Commissioner and two copies shall be on file in the office of the City Clerk pursuant to State law. [Ord. G-98-20, passed 7-6-98; Ord. G-88-5, passed 3-14-88; Ord. G-73-15, passed 6-25-73. 1962 Code § 1321.01; 1982 Code § 150.015; 1983 Code § 15.150.015.]