Chapter 18.30


18.30.010    Residential-1 district.

18.30.010 Residential-1 district.

(A) Uses in the R-1 District. A building or land may not be used, and a building may not be erected or altered, except for one or more of the following uses:

(1) Use Group 1.

(2) Use Group 2 as accessory uses subject to the following restrictions:

(a) The home occupation must be conducted entirely within the dwelling by a person who is a resident member of the family residing on the premises, and with no additional employees.

(b) The floor area devoted to the use may not exceed 25 percent of the floor area of the dwelling.

(c) An outside entrance may not be provided solely for the home occupation.

(d) A display of goods or services relating to the home occupation may not be visible from the exterior of the building.

(e) Maximum two-square-foot sign which denotes name and title of resident(s) only; such sign must be flush-mounted on the residence.

(f) An occupancy permit must be issued by the Plan Commission for each home occupation.

(3) Special uses.

(4) Accessory uses to any of the above.

(B) The uses permitted in the R-1 district are subject to the following requirements:

(1) Maximum height and lot coverage and minimum lot size, width, and yard as shown in EMC 18.130.010;

(2) Parking restrictions as provided in Chapter 18.135 EMC;

(3) Restrictions on signs and off-premises advertising as provided in Chapter 18.140 EMC;

(4) Minimum floor area for dwellings as shown in EMC 18.130.020. [Ord. G-89-17, passed 5-24-89; Ord. G-76-10, passed 2-28-77. 1962 Code, Art. 9, Ch. 6; 1982 Code § 153.043; 1983 Code § 15.153.043.]