Chapter 2.06


2.06.010    Definitions.

2.06.020    Registration of neighborhood associations.

2.06.030    Notification of Neighborhood Associations.

2.06.010 Definitions.

The following words shall have the meanings indicated unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

A.    “Neighborhood Association” shall mean an organization having a unique name, a specific geographic boundary located in Vanderburgh County, be open for membership to any resident or property owner within its defined boundaries, holds open elections of officers with specific terms of office, and has written by-laws.

B.    “Registered Neighborhood Association” shall mean a neighborhood association who registers with the Board of Commissioners as hereinafter provided.

C.    “President of the Neighborhood Association” shall mean the duly elected presiding officer of the neighborhood association, regardless of title, to whom notice is to be given on behalf of the neighborhood association.

“Office of the Board of Commissioners” shall mean Room 305 of the Administration Building of the Civic Center Complex.

(2.06.010, Added, 07/28/2003, Ord. dated 7/28/2003)

2.06.020 Registration of neighborhood associations.

A.    Any neighborhood association desiring to receive notice as provided herein, shall register with the Office of the Board of Commissioners on the form provided by the Board of Commissioners. Registration is voluntary but must be done in order for notices to be effectuated.

Any neighborhood association registering with the City of Evansville shall be deemed to be registered with the County so long as the information delineated below is provided on the city application, and the city application is forwarded to the County Commissioner’s Office. The neighborhood association shall be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.

B.    The form at a minimum must give the name of the neighborhood association; describe the geographic boundaries of the association or provide a map with the boundaries delineated; give the name, address and telephone number of the president of the neighborhood association (the fax number or e-mail number may be given also but is not required); and the date of expiration of the term of the president of the neighborhood association. The names, addresses and telephone numbers of other officers of the neighborhood association may be given but are not required. The form must be updated as changes occur in the information provided. Annual renewal registration forms should be submitted by January 31 of the year to which it is to apply. The registration forms are public record and shall be made available for public inspection.

(2.06.020, Added, 07/28/2003, Ord. dated 7/28/2003)

2.06.030 Notification of Neighborhood Associations.

A.    Registered neighborhood association presidents whose neighborhood association boundaries include property which is the subject of a petition for vacation of a public way or place, drainage easement or public utility easement; petition for changes in the zoning maps (i.e. rezoning); petition for the removal of an obstruction to a drainage easement; or acceptance of a drainage plan shall be notified in the same manner as other interested parties are required to be notified, by the petitioner, or the County in the case of a petition for the removal of an obstruction to a drainage easement. Proof of notification shall be filed with the Board of Commissioners along with the form of the notice given. The notice shall include a copy of the petition and state the date, time and place of a hearing or meeting of the Board of Commissioners to consider the petition. Additionally, the Commissioner’s office shall notify registered neighborhood association presidents by regular United States mail (or by e-mail if the president provides an e-mail address for notice) whose neighborhood association boundaries include real property to be sold as surplus property if such real property lies within the boundaries of the neighborhood association. In the case of the sale of surplus property, the abutting property owners shall be notified of the pending sale by regular United States mail of the proposed sale. An abutting property owner is one whose property borders the property to be sold and shall not include property separated by a publicly maintained street or alley. Ownership shall be determined by the name on the assessor’s books. Only one notice shall be required per lot if there is more than one owner listed on the assessor’s books.

B.    Said petitioners shall be entitled to rely on the information submitted to the Office of Board of Commissioners as to the name and address of the president of neighborhood association and its boundaries.

C.    Agencies and departments of the County may give notice of other proceedings and actions to be undertaken to the presidents of neighborhood associations, but such notification is not required.

D.    The notification given under this ordinance shall not replace any notice required to be given under another provision of this code of ordinances or under state or federal law.

E.    Any error in giving notice or the lack of notice shall not invalidate any proceedings herein where notice is suppose to be given as provided by this section of the County Code. This section shall not vest any rights in the neighborhood association, their members or the persons entitled to receive notice.

(2.06.030, Added, 07/28/2003, Ord. dated 7/28/2003)