Chapter 15.10


15.10.010    Unsafe building law established.

15.10.020    Enforcement and administrative authority.

15.10.030    Unsafe building fund.

15.10.040    Hearing authority.

15.10.050    Violations.

15.10.060    State statutes.

    Prior legislation: Ord. 2007-07.

15.10.010 Unsafe building law established.

The town council of Whitestown hereby adopts IC 36-7-9 as the Whitestown unsafe building ordinance, and explicitly incorporates the definition of “substantial property interest” found in IC 36-7-9-2. In the event the provisions of this chapter conflict with the provisions of IC 36-7-9, then the provisions of the state statute shall be controlling. [Ord. 2014-15 § 1]

15.10.020 Enforcement and administrative authority.

The Whitestown plan commission shall be the executive department authorized to administer this chapter, and the Whitestown plan commission’s planning director is the “enforcement authority.” [Ord. 2014-15 § 2]

15.10.030 Unsafe building fund.

The Whitestown plan commission shall establish in its operating budget a fund designated as the unsafe building fund, pursuant to IC 36-7-9-14. [Ord. 2014-15 § 3]

15.10.040 Hearing authority.

The town council designates the Whitestown plan commission as the “hearing authority,” pursuant to IC 36-7-9. [Ord. 2014-15 § 4]

15.10.050 Violations.

Violations of this chapter shall be addressed as established in IC 36-7-9. [Ord. 2014-15 § 5]

15.10.060 State statutes.

Any reference to a state statute shall mean the statute as amended from time to time, or any similar statutory provision that may supersede it relating to the same or similar subject matter. [Ord. 2014-15 § 7]