Chapter 8.110


8.110.010    Solid waste storage.

8.110.020    Solid waste and recycling service and containers.

8.110.030    Solid waste prohibited acts.

8.110.040    Compost piles.

8.110.010 Solid waste storage.

All solid waste shall be stored so that:

A. It does not attract birds, or rats, flies, mosquitoes or other disease vectors;

B. It does not provide shelter or a breeding place for disease vectors;

C. It does not create a health or safety hazard;

D. It is not unsightly;

E. The production of offensive odors is minimized; and

F. It does not infiltrate or pollute any natural streamway or enclosed stormwater system. (Ord. 2366 § 2)

8.110.020 Solid waste and recycling service and containers.

A. The owner or occupant of every dwelling unit and of every institutional, commercial, industrial, business or other nonresidential establishment shall place all solid waste in proper containers that have been designed and manufactured specifically for storage and collection of solid waste, except as otherwise provided herein, and shall maintain such solid waste containers and the area surrounding them in a clean, neat, and sanitary condition at all times.

Commercial solid waste shall be stored in containers that are rain proof, leak proof and shall be covered at all times except when depositing waste therein or removing the contents thereof, and shall meet all requirements as set forth in these regulations. Construction and demolition wastes and other bulky wastes may be stored in a noncovered container, provided the wastes are:

1. Nonputrescible; and

2. Not subject to being blown out of the container by wind.

Commercial solid waste storage sites shall be well-drained, and maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.

B. Residential solid waste shall be stored in a container that has been designed and manufactured specifically for storage and collection of solid waste, and shall be leak proof and rain proof. That container shall be closed at all times except when depositing waste therein or removing the contents thereof. Containers shall be of a light weight and sturdy construction and shall not exceed 95 gallons in capacity. The collector will determine combined weight of container and solid waste that is permissible for all customers served by that collector. All solid waste shall be removed from residential properties as often as necessary to prevent health and nuisance conditions, but at least once a week.

No owner or occupant of any residential dwelling unit with individual solid waste service shall place any solid waste, solid waste container or recycling container in front of the building setback line or existing building line upon any real property or public right-of-way in a residential district in the City more than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled collection.

C. Nonconforming containers and unserviceable trash containers will be considered to have been placed for collection and disposal.

D. All solid wastes collected pursuant to these regulations shall, upon being loaded into collection equipment, become the property of the collection company.

E. All solid waste containers, whether containing solid waste or not, shall, at all times other than when placed out for collection within the allowable collection time period, be screened from view from any public right-of-way or adjoining property and located behind the existing building line.

F. There is no storage of solid waste or solid waste containers on any side yard area of a corner lot or parcel abutting a public right-of-way. (Ord. 2386 § 1; Ord. 2366 § 2)

8.110.030 Solid waste prohibited acts.

No person shall:

A. Deposit solid waste in any solid waste container other than that owned by them or under their control without the written consent of the owner or party responsible for such container.

B. Tamper with, damage, and scavenge or remove a container or contents thereof, or any recyclable materials in proximity to a container marked as intended for recycling.

C. Intentionally place, in any marked recycling container, anything other than the appropriate recyclable or compostable material.

D. Interfere in any manner with solid waste collection equipment or with solid waste collectors in the lawful performance of their duties as such, whether such equipment or collectors shall be those of the City or those of a solid waste collection agency operating under permit by the City.

E. Dispose of solid waste at a facility which is not licensed and approved by the appropriate regulatory authority.

F. Store or place any solid waste or solid waste contained in or on any curb, gutter, drainage area, sidewalk or paved portion of the street at any time for any purpose. (Ord. 2366 § 2)

8.110.040 Compost piles.

Residential compost must be stored in a container manufactured or constructed so as to contain all materials and permit turning to aerate the materials. The container and contents must be stored in the rear yard and screened from the view of adjacent properties at ground level. The container and contents must be maintained in a neat and sanitary condition and be free of odor. (Ord. 2366 § 2)