Chapter 8.70


8.70.010    Building maintenance required.

8.70.020    Removal of vermin-stoppage prohibited.

8.70.030    Harborage.

8.70.010 Building maintenance required.

All buildings and structures shall be free of vermin and insects and maintained. (Ord. 2366 § 2)

8.70.020 Removal of vermin-stoppage prohibited.

It shall be unlawful for any occupant, owner, contractor, public utility company, plumber or any other person to remove the vermin-stoppage from any building or structure for any purpose and fail to restore the same in a satisfactory condition or to make any new openings that are not closed or sealed against the entrance of vermin. (Ord. 2366 § 2)

8.70.030 Harborage.

No condition should exist that provides shelter for vermin including open fields, undeveloped lots and the area immediately adjacent to structures or the favorable condition for vermin multiplication and continued existence. (Ord. 2366 § 2)