Chapter 13.40


13.40.010    Wastewater charges.

13.40.020    Exceptions.

    Prior legislation: Ords. 2043 and 2045.

13.40.010 Wastewater charges.

All persons, firms or corporations having a connection with the City of Gardner wastewater system shall pay monthly wastewater charges consisting of a wastewater service charge, a wastewater usage charge and an extra strength surcharge as provided herein. When multiple persons, firms or corporations are served by one water meter, a monthly wastewater service charge shall be billed for each residential dwelling unit.

A. Residential Wastewater Users.

1. A monthly service charge of $13.73.

2. A monthly wastewater usage charge of $8.78 per 1,000 gallons.

Monthly wastewater usage charges will be based on actual metered water usage except during the months of April through November, for which wastewater usage will be for not more than the average water usage for utility bills issued in December, January, February and March (winter average) with the highest usage of the four months being removed from the calculation. The City Administrator or his/her designee will consider appeals, fully supported and documented, for adjustments due to non-sewered water use and may approve adjustments if warranted. Residential customers initiating wastewater service after March, or otherwise unable to establish a winter average, will be billed for actual wastewater use or 5,000 gallons, whichever is less, until an actual winter average can be established. Nothing in this section shall prohibit the City from determining wastewater usage charges on an individual basis for those customers with large consumptive use of water. The City shall not be prohibited from charging new customers with expected large water usage, wastewater usage charges based on actual water usage until a winter average can be established.

B. Nonresidential Wastewater Users.

1. A monthly service charge of $13.73.

2. A monthly wastewater usage charge of $8.78 per 1,000 gallons. Monthly wastewater usage charges will be based on actual metered water usage.

C. Those customers discharging sewage, the strength of which is in excess of normal domestic sewage, will be billed a surcharge in addition to the normal charges. The surcharge shall be as follows:

$0.75 per pound B.O.D.

$0.70 per pound S.S.

D. Any customer who discharges any pollutants which cause an increase in the cost of managing the effluent or the sludge from the City’s treatment works, or any customer who discharges any substance which singly or by interaction with other substances causes identifiable increases in the cost of operation, maintenance, or replacement of the treatment works, shall pay for such increased costs. The charge to each such customer shall be as determined by the City of Gardner.

E. The rates and service charges shall be adjusted as provided for within Exhibit B attached to the ordinance codified in this section. (Ord. 2643 § 2; Ord. 2598 § 2; Ord. 2453 § 4; Ord. 2435 § 4; Ord. 2410 § 4; Ord. 2374 § 4; Ord. 2361 § 1; Ord. 2357 § 4; Ord. 2354 § 7; Ord. 2328 § 4; Ord. 2285 § 4; Ord. 2245 § 4; Ord. 2169 § 5; Ord. 2128 § 11. Code 1990 § 15-701)

13.40.020 Exceptions.

If a customer has consumptive use of water, or in some other manner uses water which is not returned to the sewer system and such use is metered separately, no wastewater service charges or usage charges will be assessed. The wastewater usage charge shall not apply to customers having consumptive use of water which is returned to the sewer system and treated by a waste stabilization pond. For purposes of this section, “waste stabilization pond” shall mean a multicelled, protected embankment constructed to confine and biologically treat wastewater. (Ord. 1925 § 2. Code 1990 § 15-702)