Impounded animals shall be kept for not less than five days, except:

(a)    When given to be disposed of by the owner, keeper or harborer in which case the animal shall be held until the next calendar day before disposition.

(b)    When an animal arrives at the shelter in so sick or injured condition that in the judgement of the permit authority or a licensed veterinarian human compassion requires that the suffering be promptly ended; in such instance said time period shall not apply and the animal will be humanely killed to prevent needless suffering. (Ord. 892, Art. 11, Sec. 1)


Whenever any animal shall remain in the animal shelter or other place of impoundment for a period longer than five days from the impounding of such animal except those animals impounded for disease control observation, in which case said period shall begin upon the expiration of the applicable observation period the animal shall be disposed of in a humane manner by the permit authority, or handed over to a recognized licensed humane shelter for purposes of adoption. (Ord. 1317)


No animal control officer shall dispose of any captured or impounded animal except through the procedures provided for by this chapter. No animal control officer shall hold a commercial animal establishment permit. (Ord. 892, Art. 11, Sec. 3)

2-1104. ADOPTION.

The permit authority may, in lieu of having an unclaimed animal euthanized as provided herein, give such animal into the custody of any adult resident in the city requesting custody animal adoption of such specific animal as a pet after viewing it, providing that in the judgment of the permit authority said person will humanely care for such animal and will not permit its use for breeding, guard, laboratory, experimental or illegal purposes. If more than one qualified person requests an animal, the permit authority may award it to the custody of the person considered best able to care for the animal. (Ord. 1317)


No animal will be given to the custody of a person who, in the judgment of the permit authority is requesting the animal with the intent to sell it. Not more than two animals may be given into the custody of an individual or family per year. (Ord. 892, Art. 11, Sec. 5)


After selection of a dog or cat, but prior to delivery of custody of the animal, the permit authority shall:

(a)    Collect a $10 adoption fee and issue a receipt for such which shall constitute a temporary permit to keep the animal without license or tag for 10 days if it is over 91 days old or for 10 days after the animal becomes 90 days old, which date shall be entered on the receipt based on the animal’s age as estimated by the permit authority and such age shall be conclusively presumed correct for the purposes of enforcement of this chapter.

(b)    Collect a $50 deposit for any unneutered or unspayed dog or cat and shall refund this deposit if within 30 days the animal is licensed and satisfactory proof from a licensed veterinarian is submitted that such animal has been spayed or neutered. Failure to have an adopted animal neutered or spayed within 60 days of adoption shall constitute a violation.

(c)    Collect a $25 deposit for any neutered or spayed dog or cat and shall refund this deposit if the animal is licensed and refund is requested within the period the animal may be kept without license or tag as indicated on the aforementioned temporary permit.

(Ord. 1317)


Any deposit provided for in section 2-1106 is forfeited to the city treasury at the expiration of the applicable time limit for claim. (Ord. 892, Art. 11, Sec. 7)


A $20 fee shall be charged when any dog or cat is picked up by the permit authority and transported to the animal shelter or other city designated place of impoundment. The fee for the care of any dog or cat during the period of impoundment shall be at the rate of $20 for each day or portion of a day that said dog or cat is impounded; provided, however, that such fee shall be increased by the actual amount of any unusual expenses incurred either in the impoundment or the care of said animal. An owner or keeper must pay these fees in full to obtain custody of his or her animal, but such payment is not required for animal adoption by a person from another household. (Ord. 1317)