The definition of a manufactured home is any structure, subject to and built in accordance with the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, established pursuant to 42 U.S.C. Section 5403, and ordinarily equipped with wheels or not, that is designed, constructed or manufactured to be moved from one place to another by being towed or carried, and to provide:

(a)    A dwelling house or premises;

(b)    A business office or premises; or,

(c)    Accommodation for any other purpose, unless exempted by the Manufactured Home Act.

(Ord. 1087, Sec. 1)


Application for manufactured home occupancy permits are required by this article and shall be filed at the office of the city clerk. The application shall be in writing on forms provided by the city. (Ord. 1087, Sec. 2)


All applications for manufactured home occupancy permits for individual manufactured homes shall be approved by the building inspector, police chief, fire chief, or their properly designated representative in accordance with the provisions of this article and subject to any other limitations that may be imposed by other ordinances of the city. Upon approval the office of the city clerk shall issue the manufactured home occupancy permit upon payment of the fees herein provided. (Ord. 1087, Sec. 3)


It shall be unlawful for any person to park or place any manufactured home upon the premises of a leased mobile/manufactured home park without first having secured a manufactured home occupancy permit. All necessary connection fees shall be paid prior to the installation of the manufactured home. (Ord. 1087, Sec. 4)


If upon inspection of any manufactured home, the building inspector, police chief, fire chief or their properly designated representative finds conditions that exist which are in violation of any provisions of city ordinances, the building inspector, police chief, fire chief or their properly designated representative shall give notice to the person whom the permit was requested that the permit was denied. Unless such condition or practices are corrected within a reasonable time to be determined by the building inspector, police chief, fire chief or their properly designated representative, he or she shall give notice in writing remove the manufactured home from the city. (Ord. 1087, Sec. 5)

4-706. ISSUANCE.

After inspection of the manufactured home for conformance with the provisions of city ordinances, and upon payment of the manufactured home occupancy fee, the city clerk shall issue a mobile home occupancy permit which shall be valid so long as the manufactured home is not moved. (Ord. 1087, Sec. 6)

4-707. FEES.

Fees for mobile home occupancy permits shall be as follows: The fee for a manufactured home occupancy permit shall be $50 to be paid by the owner of the manufactured home. (Ord. 1087, Sec. 7)


(a)    Electricity. All electrical installations shall comply with the electrical code of the city.

(b)    Fuel. Natural and liquefied petroleum gas for heating and cooking purposes may be used at individual manufactured home park spaces; provided, however, that the installation is connected by copper or suitable metallic tubing and complies with the fire prevention code of the city.

(c)    Miscellaneous. Persons so designated to enforce this article may add requirements for special circumstances where appropriate.

(d)    Site. Any manufactured home shall be located on a site previously approved as a manufactured home park. The lot shall be properly graded to insure proper drainage and to prevent stagnant pools of water.

(e)    Skirts. Skirts may not be installed until after the inspection process is complete. Each manufactured home shall be equipped with skirts on all sides, such skirts to be of a material harmonious to the manufactured home structure.

(d)    Tie Downs. The manufactured home will need to be properly tied down to insure the safety of the inhabitants in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements and applicable federal, state or local laws.

(e)    Water Supply. The water supply shall be connected to the municipal water system and all plumbing shall be constructed and maintained in accordance with the city’s plumbing code. If the owner of the manufactured home park has required each unit be metered separately within the private water system, the city will maintain, read and allow disconnections of services in accordance with city ordinances, and any costs associated with meter maintenance will be billed to the manufactured home park owner.

(f)    Sewage Disposal. All liquid waste shall disposed of through a sanitary sewer system and treatment facility. All plumbing at the manufactured home park shall comply with state and local plumbing laws and regulations. The sewer connections shall be provided with suitable fittings so that a watertight connection can be made between the manufactured home sewage line and the sewer connection. Such individual manufactured home connections shall be so constructed that they can be closed when not linked to a manufactured home, and shall be trapped in such a manner as to maintain them in an odor-free condition. All sewer lines of the manufactured home park shall be connected to the public sewer system.

(g)    Sewer Connection Fee will be assessed to the property owner for each initial manufactured home installation.

(Ord. 1087, Sec. 8)


For the purposes of water and sewer connection fees each and every manufactured dwelling unit shall be treated as a single-family dwelling provided services are publicly provided. (Ord. 1087, Sec. 9)