Chapter 2.115


2.115.010    Fire chief – Authority at fires.

2.115.020    Fire chief – Authority over subordinate officers and employees.

2.115.030    Records and reports.

    Cross References: Department, officers and employees, Chapter 2.25 TMC; fire department, TMC 2.30.030; civil service for police officers and firefighters, TMC 2.125.010 et seq.; firemen’s relief association, TMC 2.130.010 et seq.; police and fire pensions funds, TMC 2.140.160 et seq.; fire prevention and protection, TMC Title 8, Division 2; fire code, Chapter 14.40 TMC; life safety code, Chapter 14.45 TMC; charter ordinances pertaining to fire department, Appx. A, § A6-16 et seq.

2.115.010 Fire chief – Authority at fires.

The chief of the fire department shall have full power and command over all persons whatever at fires and shall direct and adopt any and all measures that the chief shall deem most advisable for the extinguishment of such fires and for the care and protection of the property endangered thereby. The fire chief shall have power, if need be, to summon any and all persons present to aid in extinguishing any fire, or in removing or caring for personal property from any building on fire or in danger thereof. (Code 1981 § 16-23. Code 1995 § 70-34.)

2.115.020 Fire chief – Authority over subordinate officers and employees.

The chief of the fire department may, subject to civil service rules and regulations, designate and assign to duty fire department personnel as provided in Charter Ordinance No. 10 (Appx. A, Section A6-16 et seq.). In the absence of the chief of the fire department, the employees of the several stations shall yield such obedience to the assistant, district chiefs and captains as the chief of the fire department might require, if present. All employees of the fire department shall, when on duty, wear such badges and uniforms as the chief of the fire department may direct and shall perform all duties required of them by the fire chief, or by the chief’s directions, and shall comply with all rules and regulations established by him for the government of the fire department. (Code 1981 § 16-24. Code 1995 § 70-35.)

2.115.030 Records and reports.

It shall be the duty of the chief of the fire department to keep an accurate account of all supplies or repairs connected with the fire department and of all department expenses. All bills and accounts for expenses incurred for the fire department shall be carefully examined and certified to by the fire chief as to their correctness before being presented for payment. The fire chief shall cooperate with the state Fire Marshal in maintaining records of fires and losses resulting therefrom and shall also keep suitable account books showing in a detailed and accurate manner the entire expenses and cost of the fire department and of each station separately, together with a record of all accounts certified by the fire chief for payment. The fire chief shall also keep a record of all personnel employed in the department with the time so employed; also an inventory book, showing at all times a list of the property belonging to the city in charge of the fire department, together with any other records that may be necessary to show at any time the condition of such department. At the close of each fiscal year, the fire chief shall make a report to the mayor and city manager giving a summary of the work done by and the expenses and general condition of the fire department. (Ord. 19370 § 71, 3-23-10. Code 1995 § 70-36.)

    Cross References: City council – mayor, Chapter 2.15 TMC.