Chapter 2.80


2.80.010    City of Topeka Americans with Disabilities Act advisory council.

    Cross References: Boards, commissions and committees, TMC 2.05.010 et seq.; human relations commission, Chapter 2.55 TMC; affirmative action programs, Chapter 2.135 TMC; discrimination, Chapter 9.20 TMC.

2.80.010 City of Topeka Americans with Disabilities Act advisory council.

(a) There is hereby established the city of Topeka Americans with Disabilities Act advisory council.

(b) The mission of the Topeka ADA advisory council is to support the civil rights of and full integration into Topeka community life for all people with disabilities. The ADA council seeks to enhance the community by the contributions of persons with disabilities; to make a positive difference in their relationship with the community by working toward providing full access to facilities, programs, services, activities and employment; and to enable persons with disabilities to equally participate in the social and economic life of the city.

(c) Duties of the ADA council include:

(1) Advise the city manager, mayor and city council on issues affecting people with disabilities.

(2) Provide a public forum to identify, discuss and address issues relevant to people with disabilities.

(3) Provide information from the public to the city’s ADA coordinator about disability concerns.

(4) Provide information, educational opportunities and networking opportunities to all citizens with disabilities, their friends and families.

(5) Establish criteria for prioritizing the remedial steps to address access needs within the community. Approve the updated community transition plan.

(6) Develop operating procedures for the ADA advisory council.

(7) Review city government program, service and activity access for physical, sensory, or other impediments.

(8) Review city codes with the city’s legal department relating to disability rights and access.

(d) The ADA council will, at a minimum, meet quarterly in a public forum and may meet more frequently when necessary to fulfill the duties of the ADA council.

(e) The ADA council shall be comprised of 10 members. At least six members of the ADA council will be individuals with disabilities, with each of the six major life functions represented by these members. All efforts will be made to ensure cross-disability representation in the selection of ADA councilmembers. Members shall serve for a term of two years and no more than four consecutive terms. (Ord. 18920 § 2, 6-26-07. Code 1995 § 86-200.)

    Cross References: Legal department, TMC 2.30.070.