Title 8


Division 1. Specific Regulations

8.05    Burglar and Holdup Alarm Systems

8.20    Smoking in Public Places and Places of Employment

8.25    Solid Waste

Division 2. Fire Prevention and Protection

8.35    General Provisions

8.40    Blasting

8.45    Open Burning

8.50    Incinerators

8.55    False Fire Alarms

Division 3. Property Maintenance

8.60    Administration and Enforcement

8.65    Registration of Vacant Properties and Properties That Are the Subject of Mortgage Foreclosure Proceedings

8.75    Unsafe Structures

8.80    Fire Insurance Proceeds

    Cross References: Jayhawk area agency on aging, TMC 2.105.080; ambulances, TMC 5.25.010 et seq.; bathhouses and massage salons, TMC 5.40.010 et seq.; septic tank cleaners, TMC 5.145.010 et seq.; animals, TMC Title 6.

    State Law References: Public health, K.S.A. 65-101 et seq.

Division 1. Specific Regulations