Chapter 18.85


18.85.010    Purpose – Intent.

18.85.030    Principal, special, and conditional uses.

18.85.040    Density and dimensional requirements.

18.85.050    Other regulations.

18.85.010 Purpose – Intent.

The primary purpose for the establishment of this district is to provide for the location and use of detached single-family dwellings and manufactured homes as defined, together with specified accessory and supportive uses; and to provide for housing development at affordable levels in a subdivision setting. This district may be established in conjunction with an approved plat of subdivision for development in accordance with the provisions of the dimensional requirements and general lot requirements established in TMC 18.230.020. (Ord. 19328 § 3, 11-3-09. Code 1995 § 48-7.00.)

18.85.030 Principal, special, and conditional uses.

(a) Principal uses identified in the use matrix table in TMC 18.60.010 shall be allowed.

(b) Special uses identified in the use matrix table in TMC 18.60.010 shall be allowed subject to the restrictions identified in Chapter 18.225 TMC.

(c) Conditional uses identified in the use matrix table in TMC 18.60.010 may be allowed in accordance with Chapter 18.215 TMC if approved by the governing body. (Ord. 19921 § 36, 9-23-14.)

    Cross References: City council – mayor, Chapter 2.15 TMC.

18.85.040 Density and dimensional requirements.

All development shall comply with the density and dimensional standards in TMC 18.60.020. (Ord. 19921 § 37, 9-23-14.)

18.85.050 Other regulations.

(a) All principal and accessory uses permitted within this zone are subject to the following requirements:

(1) Permitted Accessory Uses and Requirements. See Chapter 18.210 TMC.

(2) Off-Street Parking Requirements. See Chapter 18.240 TMC.

(3) Sign Regulations. See Chapter 18.10 TMC.

(4) Dimensional Requirements. See Chapter 18.230 TMC.

(5) Nonconforming Uses. See Chapter 18.220 TMC.

(6) Site Plan Regulations. See Chapter 18.260 TMC.

(7) Landscaping Requirements. See Chapter 18.235 TMC.

(8) Subdivision Regulations. See Chapters 18.30 through 18.45 TMC.

(b) The development of R-4 manufactured home district shall apply to subdivided land of record which meets the objectives and requirements of this district, the subdivision of land regulations, and the applicable plat of subdivision stipulations.

(c) If the land subject to R-4 rezoning is not subdivided land of record, an application for a plat of subdivision shall be submitted concurrently with the R-4 zoning change application. The application for the plat of subdivision shall comply with Division 3 of this title. (Ord. 19921 § 38, 9-23-14.)