Chapter 2.08


Article 1. City Manager

2.08.010    Appointment and duties of City Manager.

Article 2. Department Heads

2.08.020    Power of appointment.

2.08.030    Designation of department heads.

Article 1. City Manager

2.08.010 Appointment and duties of City Manager.

The Council shall appoint a City Manager, who shall be responsible for the proper administration of all day-to-day affairs of the City. The City Manager shall be vested with the powers and authority necessary to perform such duties, except where they may be inconsistent with other provisions of the Charter or this Code. The City Manager shall manage the departments of the City, through the department heads, to enforce the laws of the City. In addition, the City Manager shall perform such other duties as the Council may lawfully require. (Ord. 2004-3 (part), 2004)

Article 2. Department Heads

2.08.020 Power of appointment.

The City Manager shall have the power to appoint, suspend and remove all department heads at his or her sole discretion. The City Manager is authorized to negotiate and finalize all terms of employment with department heads and other appointed City officials. (Ord. 2004-3 (part), 2004)

2.08.030 Designation of department heads.

The City Manager may establish such department head positions as the City Manager deems necessary to manage the functions of the City government. The department heads may include:

A.    Library Director. The Library Director shall have overall responsibility for the general operation of the library. The Library Director shall plan, coordinate and direct library services for the City.

B.    Public Works Director. The Public Works Director shall have general charge of all public works done in the City. The Public Works Director shall plan, direct, supervise, and coordinate activities in such areas as infrastructure, building and vehicle maintenance, construction, park and street maintenance, refuse collection and disposal, recycling, trees and vegetation and stormwater management.

C.    Police Chief. The Police Chief shall arrange all activities and programs of the Police Department and shall be responsible for law enforcement in the City.

D.    Director of Recreation. The Director of Recreation shall plan, promote and administer recreation programs for the City.

E.    Director of Economic and Community Development. The Director of Economic and Community Development shall manage the City’s community and economic development and housing service functions. These functions include planning, historic preservation, development, enforcement of laws relating to landlord-tenant matters, housing code enforcement, and code enforcement, generally. (Ord. 2004-3 (part), 2004)