Chapter 2.17


2.17.010    Boards and commissions.

2.17.020    Boards and commissions generally.

2.17.025    Interpretation of chapter.

2.17.010 Boards and commissions.

The City has established the following boards and commissions elsewhere in the City Code:

Board or Commission

Term Length (Years)


Ethics Commission (Section 3.04.050 et seq.)


June 30th

Board of Elections (Section 5.24.020 et seq.)


June 30th

Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs (Section 6.24.010 et seq.)


June 30th

Tree Commission (Section 12.04.030 et seq.)


June 30th

Noise Control Board (Section 14.12.140)


June 30th

(Ord. 2021-39 § 2, 2021)

2.17.020 Boards and commissions generally.

A.    Boards and commissions are charged with the duties assigned to them in the City Code.

B.    The authority of such entities is limited to that extended to them by the City Code and other applicable law.

C.    Each board and commission is required to report the status of its work annually or at the request of City Council.

D.    Membership of boards and commissions shall be in accordance with the provisions of this section unless otherwise provided by City Code.

1.    Unless provided otherwise in the applicable section of the City Code, only City residents may serve on boards and commissions.

2.    Members of a board or commission may apply to serve and shall be confirmed and appointed by a majority vote of City Council.

3.    Beginning in 2021, the initial terms for one-third of a board or commission’s members will end on June 30, 2022, one-third of the members will expire on June 30, 2023, and one-third will expire on June 30, 2024. In the event that the membership of a board or commission is not evenly divisible by three when creating the staggered terms, the appointments shall be evenly distributed in the one-year and two-year staggered terms. The three-year staggered term shall contain the odd number of appointments.

4.    After the initial terms have expired, all terms of office will be staggered three-year terms. Said terms shall begin on July 1st and end June 30th.

5.    Vacancies may be filled by the Council for the remainder of any unexpired term.

D.    Organization.

1.    Each board or commission shall consist of the number of members stated in the provisions of the City Code establishing each board or commission.

2.    Each board and commission shall operate under a set of rules of procedure necessary to accomplish its purposes, which shall be provided by the board or commission to Council for review by the City Attorney periodically, but not less than every five years.

E.    Meetings.

1.    Boards and commissions shall meet at least once every quarter or as often as required to fulfill their purposes.

2.    All meetings shall be open to the public and are subject to the Maryland Open Meetings Act unless otherwise permitted or required by applicable law. Meeting notices and agendas shall be prepared and submitted to the City Clerk and posted in advance of any meeting in accordance with State law. Written records of proceedings and attendance shall be maintained by the board or commission and provided to the City Clerk for safe keeping. A report on the activities of each entity shall be submitted to the City Council once per year and as directed by Council.

3.    Meetings shall be held at times that facilitate and allow for member attendance and ease of public attendance.

4.    Meetings must take place at a City government building and may occur in person or virtually, so long as such is announced in advance. Meetings may include a virtual attendance option for members and for the public.

5.    At least three members of every board and commission shall maintain current Open Meetings Act certification and provide a copy of the certification to the City Clerk.

6.    Each board and commission shall designate an individual who shall be responsible for preparing meeting agendas and minutes, and coordinate publishing and storage of the same with the City Clerk.

F.    Staff Liaison. The City Manager shall assign a member of the City staff to act as a staff liaison to each board and commission, who shall provide general support to the board or commission.

G.    Member Conduct.

1.    Members are expected to attend each meeting of the entity on which they serve. Members may miss a scheduled meeting for cause. A member who misses more than one-third of the meetings of the entity on which they serve in any calendar year may face removal from the same.

2.    Members are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct established by the City Council for Boards, Commissions, Committees, and Task Forces (Resolution 2020-22, Oct. 7, 2020).

3.    Council, by resolution, may remove a member from their position upon finding a violation of the Code of Conduct, no longer meeting the requirements for membership, or otherwise not fulfilling the duties of a member. (Ord. 2021-39 § 2, 2021)

2.17.025 Interpretation of chapter.

This chapter shall be interpreted as supplementing existing Code provisions establishing quasi-judicial boards and commissions to promote uniformity in organization, membership, and procedures where applicable. If any provision in this chapter is interpreted as conflicting with another provision of the City Code addressing City boards and commissions, the non-Chapter 2.17 provision shall be controlling. (Ord. 2021-39 § 2, 2021)