Chapter 2.20


2.20.010    Duties of Chief Police Officer generally.

2.20.020    Public inspection of rules.

2.20.030    Definitions.

2.20.010 Duties of Chief Police Officer generally.

A.    The Chief Police Officer shall be responsible for the preservation of the peace, the maintenance of order, the prevention and detection of crime and the enforcement, within the City, of all laws, regulations and ordinances over which the Police Department has jurisdiction.

B.    The Chief Police Officer shall ensure that members of the force properly perform their police duties, that the rules and regulations of the Department are strictly enforced and that discipline in the Department is rigidly maintained.

C.    The Chief of Police shall promulgate those rules, regulations and general orders necessary to implement subsections (A) and (B) of this section; provided, however, that the Chief shall make no rule, regulation or general order which conflicts with or is contrary to applicable constitutional or statutory requirements or any rule or regulation promulgated by the City Administrator or the Mayor and Council. (Prior code § 9-1)

2.20.020 Public inspection of rules.

All Police Department rules or other directives which prohibit specific behavior of department personnel shall be made available for public inspection. (Prior code § 9-2)

2.20.030 Definitions.

As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:

“Rule and regulation” means any policy, standard, guideline or order which concerns the management or governance of the Police Department; or the conduct of the Department or its individual members in the performance of their duties toward the public. It does not include:

1.    Any order, memorandum, report or other written document or material which pertains to a specific case or member of the Department;

2.    Any matter which is to be kept confidential under Sections 10-615, 10-616 and 10-617 of the State Government Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland;

3.    Any matter which the Chief of Police, acting as the official custodian, determines may be kept confidential pursuant to Sections 10-618 and 10-619 of the State Government Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland. (Prior code § 9-3)