Chapter 6.40


6.40.010    Violations and penalties.

6.40.020    Enforcement.

*    Legislative History: M.C. 1961, Art. 15; Ord. No. 1985-48, 9/9/1985; Ord. No. 1987-59, 11/16/1987; Ord. No. 1992-2, 1/27/1992; Ord. No. 1992-36, 11/23/1992; Ord. No. 1993-2, 1/25/1993; Ord. No. 1993-5, 4/12/1993; Ord. No. 1994-35, 12/12/1994.

6.40.010 Violations and penalties.

A.    Any violation of this title shall be a Class C municipal infraction except as otherwise specifically provided.

B.    Operating or permitting the operation or occupancy of a rental facility without having applied for and obtained a rental housing license or after a license has expired or been suspended, revoked or denied shall be a Class AA municipal infraction violation.

C.    The following shall be Class A municipal infraction violations:

1.    Any violation of Chapter 6.12, Property Maintenance Code;

2.    Failure to obey an order of the Commission;

3.    Failure to file a rent report or submission of a false, incomplete or inaccurate rent report;

4.    Charging or attempting to charge an illegal rent or fee;

5.    Any violation of Section 6.16.050(L) or 6.16.180, Tenant displacement and relocation expenses;

6.    Any violation of Section 6.16.100, Utilities—Charges to tenant and transfer of utility payments;

7.    Submitting false information or making false statements to the Department or to the Commission;

8.    Any violation of Chapter 6.32, Tenant Opportunity to Purchase; and

9.    Failure of an owner, agent or operator of any unsafe building to comply with any notice or order issued under Chapter 6.36, Unsafe Buildings—Public Nuisance Abatement.

D.    The failure of any occupant of an unsafe building to comply with any posted warning placard or notice or order to vacate shall be a Class D misdemeanor violation.

E.    Except as provided in subsection (F) of this section, each day a violation continues shall be considered a separate violation.

F.    Each month that a landlord charges an illegal rent or fee for an individual rental unit shall constitute a separate violation. For example, the charging of an illegal rent or fee for four rental units for three months constitutes 12 violations. (Ord. 2023-17 § 3, 2023/Ord. 2013-25 § 1, 2013/Ord. 2006-50 § 2, 2006: Ord. 2003-7 § 1 (part), 2003: prior code § 6-1000)

6.40.020 Enforcement.

A.    The City may take any appropriate action to enforce or correct violations of this title.

B.    In addition to any other penalties and remedies provided for in this title or by applicable law, the City may apply to a court of competent jurisdiction for abatement orders, restraining orders, temporary or permanent injunctions, or any other appropriate form of remedy or relief to correct, restrain, or enjoin violations of this title.

C.    The City may bring suit to collect all costs, assessments, liens or charges imposed or incurred by the City in taking any action authorized by this title.

D.    In the event that a landlord brings an action against a tenant that is contrary to a Commission order, the court shall dismiss the action against the tenant and may award the tenant attorney’s fees and costs incurred in defending against the landlord’s action. (Ord. 2013-25 § 1, 2013/Ord. 2003-7 § 1 (part), 2003: prior code § 6-1001)