Section 101 City Incorporated

The inhabitants of that district of country situated in Montgomery County in the State of Maryland, embraced within the limits prescribed in section 201 of this Charter shall be and continue to be, a body politic and corporate by the name and style of the “City of Takoma Park,” and by that name shall have perpetual succession, sue and be sued, and have and use a common seal. (Mont Co. Code 1965, Section 49-1; 1896, ch. 310, Section 2; 1912, ch. 790, Section 571, 1922, ch. 542, Section 1; 1929. ch. 169, Section 1: 1947, ch. 718.)

Section 102 City Successor of the Town

The “City of Takoma Park” is hereby declared to be the legal successor to the “Town of Takoma Park,” and shall be entitled to, and is hereby vested with, all the property and rights of every nature whatsoever, belonging to the “Town of Takoma Park.”