Section 1301 Acquisition, Possession and Disposal

The City may acquire real, personal, or mixed property within or without the corporate limits of the City for any public purpose by purchase, gift, bequest, devise, lease, condemnation, or otherwise and may sell, lease or otherwise dispose of any property belonging to the City. All municipal property, funds, and franchise of every kind belonging to or in the possession of the City (by whatever prior name known) at the time this section becomes effective are vested in the City, subject to the terms and conditions thereof.

Section 1302 Condemnation

The City shall have the power to condemn property of any kind, or interest therein or franchise connected therewith, in fee or as an easement, within or without the corporate limits of the City, for any public purpose. Any activity, project, or improvement authorized by the provisions of this Charter or any other State law applicable to the City shall be deemed to be a public purpose. The manner of procedure in case of any condemnation proceeding shall be that established in the Annotated Code of Maryland.

Section 1303 City Buildings

The City shall have the power to acquire, to obtain by lease or rent, to purchase, construct, reconstruct, repair, alter, operate, and maintain all buildings and structures it deems necessary for the operation of the City government.

Section 1304 Protection of City Property

The Council shall have the power to do whatever may be necessary to protect City property and to keep all City property in good condition.