102-276 Compliance with city laws.

Any person laying any telephone pipes or conduits in any public place shall at all times be subject to the city ordinances then in existence or which may thereafter be passed relative to the use of the public streets or other public places, especially as to the putting up of lights and barriers at and around excavations.

(Code 1985, § 23-78)

102-277 Poles above ground restricted in certain districts.

(a)    No person shall erect or maintain any poles and wires for telephone purposes on Saginaw Street, from Jackson Street to Oakland Avenue, except as provided in this article.

(b)    This section shall not be construed to prevent the erection and maintenance of the necessary poles within such district for the distribution of wires from the underground conduits to reach the subscribers of such person, provided, that distributing poles shall be set in the alleys when practicable, and in any and all cases in such a manner as to not unreasonably obstruct or interfere with other proper uses of the streets and alleys.

(Code 1985, § 23-79)

102-278 Removal of poles and wires by city; costs.

Any person owning, controlling, operating and maintaining telephone poles or wires in violation of this article shall take down and remove such telephone poles and wires promptly upon written notice from the city to do so. If such person shall fail to comply with the notice, the city shall have the right to cause the removal of such telephone poles and wires. The expenses incurred by the city in the removal thereof shall be a proper charge against such person and shall be paid by such person upon presentation of a bill duly certified by the director of public works and services.

(Code 1985, § 23-80)

102-279 Damaging streets prohibited; indemnification of city; permit required.

(a)    No person shall injure any street, avenue, alley, land, park or public square, or in any manner disturb or interfere with any water or gas pipes or with any public or private sewer laid or constructed by any authorized person.

(b)    Any person placing any telephone wires underground shall fully indemnify and save harmless the city from any and all claims for damages for which the city might be made or become liable to pay by reason of the construction, making or operating of the pipes, mains or conductors.

(c)    No person shall install or disturb any street or other public place for the purpose of constructing telephone pipes or conduits without first obtaining an excavation permit as provided in section 102-171.

(Code 1985, § 23-81)

102-280 Manner of laying conduits; notification of department of public works and services; supervision; skilled workers required.

(a)    The main telephone pipes or conduits shall be laid in streets and avenues in a line parallel to the curbline and in all cases to a depth of not less than two feet.

(b)    At least 24 hours before opening any street, alley or public place, the person making such opening shall notify the department of public works and services in writing of such intentions, stating the place where and the objects for which the opening is to be made.

(c)    In the opening and refilling of all the openings made under this article, the relaying of pavements and all other work necessary to the complete restoration of the streets, pavements, sidewalks or ground to an equally good condition as when disturbed shall be under the supervision of the department of public works and services or its authorized agent, and any order or resolution of the department or agent or of the council in reference thereto shall be complied with promptly.

(d)    No street, avenue or public place shall be allowed to remain open or encumbered for a longer period than shall be necessary to execute the work for which the street or public place has been opened. The director of public works and services or city council may determine the question of such necessity.

(e)    In all cases where work requires the exercise of skill or in the laying or relaying of pavements or sidewalks, only skilled workmen familiar with the execution of the work shall be employed. It shall be optional with the city authorities to restore the earth and relay pavements in streets and other public places when so taken up by any person laying telephone pipes or conduits at the expense of such person, but the expense of such work shall not exceed the actual cost thereof.

(Code 1985, § 23-82)

102-281 Cost of employing city agent.

The expense of the city or the department of public works and services in the employment of an agent to carry out the provisions of this article shall be a proper charge against the person laying the pipes or conduits. Such expense shall be paid by the person on a voucher or bill duly certified by the director of public works and services.

(Code 1985, § 23-83)

102-282—102-300 Reserved.