114-211 Traffic violations bureau; location.

(a)    The district court is authorized to establish rules and regulations for the operation of the parking violations bureau, and to establish a schedule of charges by the court for the payment to the violations bureau in lieu of the issuance of a warrant.

(b)    The traffic violations bureau shall occupy and operate in offices to be furnished by the council in the 50th District Court Building.

(Code 1985, § 26-203)

114-212 Rules of district court; parking.

(a)    The traffic violations bureau shall be conducted and operated under and in accordance with such rules of the district court germane thereto, for the purpose of facilitating the administration of the work of the district court in respect to cases within the jurisdiction of the court wherein violations of ordinances of the city in respect to the regulation and control of vehicular and pedestrian travel on the public streets, highways, and thoroughfares shall be charged or involved.

(b)    Parking violations shall be excluded from the traffic violations bureau to the extent that they are controlled by the parking violations bureau.

(Code 1985, § 26-204)

114-213 Duties of bureau staff; disposition of monies.

(a)    The rules of the district court, as amended, shall prescribe in detail the procedures of the traffic violations bureau and the precise duties of its personnel in the performance of its functions. For all purposes the traffic violations bureau shall be deemed an auxiliary agency of the district court.

(b)    All monies paid to the traffic violations bureau or to any clerk or employee thereof in connection with its functions pursuant to such rules of the district court, shall be deemed to have been received to all intents and purposes by the clerk of the district court. Such monies shall be paid by the court clerk daily into the treasury of the city.

(Code 1985, § 26-205)

114-214 Schedule of charges.

The district court shall prepare and establish a schedule of charges for violations of city traffic ordinances. The schedule shall be filed with the violations bureau and the district court.

(Code 1985, § 26-206)

114-215114-225 Reserved.